Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life and Link Love

LIFE in the Greut Home as of Late

Things are getting very busy around here.  My sis-in-law is getting married on Saturday. So, this past weekend we celebrated her. We had a little gift-giving and snack-eating session at her house before we went out to eat at my favorite Asian cuisine place: PF Changs. Mmm. Just thinking about the lettuce wraps makes my mouth water.  Ames had a really good time, was totally blessed, and we all ate too much. It was fun. Lots of Joel's family is/will be in town and I'm excited to see ALL of them! For some, it's been way too long!  *cough*benandbekah*cough*

This weekend is the wedding! My Bell is a flower girl. She gets to wear a cute white dress, little white mary jane's and an amazingly cute headband. And she gets to throw stuff, which I think might be her favorite thing to do.

(this photo from the left: sister Krister, sis Bets, and Grandma)

My grandma reads my blog. So, a quick 'hi' to you, Grandma. I love you. I think you are amazing. Your art still blows my mind when I find the old cards you've sent, and the paintings that hang in my home. The way you've loved us all throughout our lives is something worthy of tribute.  The way you care for Grandpa makes me want to be a better servant.  Your sense of humor never ceases to amuse me, and you can still sing like a bell. I love you so much! :)

Ok, back to the update.  We have just recently become independent distributors with Young Living Essential Oils.   We plan on using them for our family, but our main attraction to it was that they're completely natural, and were the original medicine for mankind. Made by God for the purposes of healing.  I don't know a ton about them yet, but we bought some of them and are going to start using them to help Rowan too. Actually, it's mostly for him. I'm really interesting in any info I can find about the oils used in the Bible, why they were used for what, etc.  It seems to make sense that God said to annoint the sick with oils, since now I know that there's healing properties in them that we dont hear much about anymore because of pharmaceuticals. (which I'm not totally against, so don't hear that!).  If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. To be honest, I dont really know anything. But it'd be nice to hear from you anyways.

All the kiddos are doing just fine. No real updates there, life is as usual. Ro is still doing amazingly in therapy. It seems like there's been breakthrough lately!  So many things. He's saying hi to you when you come into the room. He doesn't hit as much when frustrated, and seems to be learning that when we tell him not to do something, there will be consequences if he does. Ash loves pre-school still. Gets so very excited to go. And Bell. Well, she loves to play with Ash's cars as soon as he walks out the door for school. She's so much fun. My little buddy. Have is a grace baby. He loves to be held, but he smiles and coo's most of the time, then goes to sleep. He likes to sleep in the quiet though, so not much sleep happens when the other kids are running around. (His room is off the dining room smack dab in the middle of the house).

Me and Joel had a date night the other night. Got Ruby Tues-to-Go and rented Date Night. Really funny.  Some yucky parts, but if you skip it, you'd never know it was there. And it totally didnt contribute to the plot. We laughed alot. I think Steve Carell is stinking hilarious.

I love the Lord's patience. He is so patient with me. I complain, whine, grumble about my life and 'how hard it is', and He gently brings me back to Him with his cords of lovingkindness.  Just something to think about: How has the Lord been reminding you of His love? Where can you see Him coming through in your life? Think about this too: You're still breathing.

And now, for a little link love.  Some of our closest friends (the pic there is from her blog. Those are her amazingly cute and totally rad kids and hubby) are in the adoption process.  They're in the middle of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. They're doing lots of fundraising things, but since most of you aren't near them, please go to her blog and donate to their fund. Such a worthy cause. These people are some of the most loving parents I've known in my life.  Not to mention Danni, the wife/mom, makes a mean dessert. Totally off topic, but I think you all should know at least one way in which she is totally awesome.


Jacob and Lacy Ferrell said...

As for the oils, I am totally interested. When my dad was dieing the nurses in the hospice house asked if we wanted to use a myrrh type lotion for him. It was really cool and diff very emotional! So, whatever you find bible/oils I am so interested and I'm interested in buying them too!!!
Lacy Ferrell

Chuck said...

Love the picture, and good to hear your family is doing well. We think of you often - many wonderful stories. I am looking forward to hearing more about the oils. Sounds like a wonderful addition. Enjoy P.F. Changs. We are planning lunch with friends there next week. Be Blessed.

Anonymous said...

love hearing about the fam!!! Talking to Jer about coming to see you soon!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

love hearing about your fam! Talking to Jer about coming to visit next weekend. love love