Tuesday, October 5, 2010

As promised!

Here's my "more personal post" that I promised yesturday. :) Believe it or not, I never really have time to sit here and write my thoughts down. I almost dont have enough time to even think!  

(I know, to some of you that explains alot.)

Since baby H came home from the hospital, there has been a myriad of things that have changed.  The most wonderful being the fact that he came home. Obvs.  Other things that have changed include me and Hubby being somewhat sleep deprived, the other kids all of a sudden deciding not to sleep as much either, Ash started preschool, and my shop has been lonely.

I'm still motivated to sew, but it seems that this little mircale, who now lays sleeping in his crib, really likes my attention! Hey, I'm not complaining. For 2 months, he barely got held. So I say bring it on. But I do miss sewing.  I have been able to post 1 item every few days, though, so I still feel a bit productive.

My kitchen on the other hand is still waiting for it's finished makeover.  As is the bathroom. But ya know what? God always provides right when it's the perfect time. And so we wait!

As for baby H, he is doing amazing. Amazingly?

He's up to at least 8 lbs now (haven't weight him recently but my arms tell me he's getting bigger!). He sleeps pretty well at night, for the most part. Wakes up once or twice, as expected. Nurses like a champ.  And the best part: the smiles.

Oh my gosh, I want them in a bottle.  He is so handsome and his smile makes my heart melt.

Ash loves preschool too. He calls is "fee school". Sometimes the things he says wrong should be corrected but I just can't bring myself to do it. Its too cute.  Ro is still doing great with therapy. I still dont know how we are affording the ridiculous amount it costs to do it, but I'm SO thankful for the provision. Friends and family contribute (THANK YOU!), and the gov't gives a little too, thankfully.

And we can't forget the Guy who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, of course.

Ro is doing things he never would have done if we hadn't started therapy. For example, responding to his name, talking at all,  interacting, wanting our attention, playing with his siblings. Not to mention everything he knows! The alphabet, he can count to 100, he knows all of the animals and their sounds, colors, etc. He is REALLY smart, people

Bell is talking up a storm. We call her our little communicator. You never really need to wonder what she wants, even if she only uses one or two words. And on top of that, she is SO cute. For reals.

Me and Hubby celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss yesturday. We went to Friendlys. I know, you're thinking, "Friendly's? Really?" Well, we had a coupon, ok? And not much money. The food was so-so, but I enjoyed the company. :)

Hubby still loves his job and his boss.  God really blessed us with this situation. Thanks, God!

Alright, gonna go hang out with Bell while Ash and Ro are in their respective schools. Loves to all my readers.



groovetrain said...

I love you and I loved reading this. I'm so happy that we got married!

Carla said...

my thoughts as they entered my head:
I hope you get some more sleep soon, I know how you feel.
More pictures of Haven please!!
Why is Joel wearing an AARP shirt?

Lora said...

oh, i just read your sweet hubby's comment. almost made me cry! that is so sweet!!!
thanks for the update. you're a babe. :)
and i love those new bags you've been making, and your photos are so so good!! keep up the good work, my friend
love you!

From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Aw, your hub's comment made me smile. And I cannot believe how big H has gotten!!! :-) I miss you! Can't wait to see you at Christmastime!

Sandra said...

Your so cute Jenn! Thanks for reminding us how good God is : )

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love to hear about your kids, they are each so precious. I'm so glad Ro is making good progress. Praying that God will multiply the sleep you do get, so a little goes a long way! Love, Mel

susanna said...

i love you jenn!! loved reading, please post more personal....gosh i love your kids and your life....it is similar to mine :) that makes me happy! blessings today!