Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coat Closet Before and After!

So. My coat closet was just plain ugly and gross inside and stayed that way from when we moved in, until yesturday. It just took a back seat to everything else that needed to get done.  And frankly, I just didnt really care about it. I almost never looked in there since it stored mostly our winter stuff and it hasn't been that cold here yet.  But the other day, I realized it wouldn't really take long and I could do it while the kids watched a video! So, as promised, here are the before photos.
(unassuming when you see it from the outside but then....)
KA-BLAM! smacked in the face with mess.
Can you see the bottom there?
Empty and ready for the overhaul.

And here we go! Are you ready? It's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself...
 Hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as I did.  I'm sure you didn't, because I am unreasonably giddy. I really love making things nicer and more pleasing to the eye. Whether you think so or not, what you see effects your mood! If your house is messy, you wont feel as good. It's true. Dont you agree? When my house is clean and smells good, I feel better in general. Feng shui, maybe?


From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

You amaze me. I don't know how you find the time to do all the things you do AND be a great mommy, but I am inspired. You're incredible!!! And I think the coat closet looks awesome. Now you'll look forward to opening it!

Lora said...

love the aqua blue paint - it really adds a lot! i love it. you're so organized!