Saturday, January 21, 2012

Progress on the kids room

So, I told you guys a while back that I was starting to re-do the 3 big kids' room. It was quite an undertaking. The walls were green, the bedspreads didn't match and were NOT cute at all, and some of the furniture was just plain yucky. Some still i said, it's a work in progress!

Here's a few shots of the room before I re-painted.

See the tear on that closet curtain? That thing was a mess since we moved in. So glad to be making a new one finally!

Pretty 'blah' right? Yeah. It really needed help. I grabbed my paint and roller, and got to it! First, I attacked the green. It was sort of a pukey shade and it had to go.  Next, the curtains. Oh...the curtains.  They were the originals, i'm pretty sure. Left to us by the owners, they were the pully kind. Ya know? You pull on one side, and the curtains part in the middle. They were on a track system and everything. Polyester, plastic lined ont he back. Great for blocking out the light, but SO ugly. And half broken! Wish I had gotten a picture of those.
So the curtains were replaced by a nice, thick, brown cotton. After that, I made duvet covers for each kid. Just finished Ro's yesterday, actually!
One of the furniture items that really needed some help was Bella's bedside table.  It was literally gross to look at.

My friend Morgan had painted this thing a few years back, and when she gave it to me, it was in great condition, but I guess that's what 4 kids will do to your furniture! :)
I gave that baby a paint job, which you can see in the pics below.
I then hung some stuff up, rearranged a few things, and decided it was time for some pictures for y'all.
Keep in mind it's not done yet!

I got the idea for this painting from Smile And Wave; she is a genius!

Gotta find some cute stuff to put on top of that dresser

The closet curtain you see here is just a bed sheet. Actual curtain coming soon!

I made this garland after I saw it at! so cute!

Asher's bedspread was made with some of Joels and my old dress shirts, as well as fabric scraps I've had forever.

this dresser is my next project. Color ideas? I was thinking dark grey or a light greyish-green, and probably some knobs.

see? Really needs some help!

I think this is my favorite view.

There's a few more things I plan on doing to spruce this room up, so you guys will see them as soon as I'm done!
Paint dresser
More wall stuff, probably their initials above their beds
Paint bottom of boys beds
Closet curtain

Any other ideas?!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new life for an old chest of drawers!

The previous homeowners of our house decided to leave a bunch of furniture for us, which was awesome because we barely had any! I was so thankful. One of the things they left was this little yellow set of drawers. Looked to have been painted several times, but was in great shape.
I decided that I liked the charmed, vintage look of it, but after a while, the chipping paint starting wearing on me.
So, a few days ago, I mixed up some paint I had and gave it a little facelift! Here's what it looked like previously:

Not all that bad right? Should have gotten a closeup. It was pretty beat up looking when you looked at it closer.
Anyway, after some sanding and couple of coats of new paint...ta da!

Ok, so you can't really tell that well, but it really is quite an improvement!  Maybe not the best before/after post ever written, but you get the idea. :)

On a more personal note, I'm so very sorry  I have been neglecting my blog! I know I have a couple of faithful readers, so thanks for sticking around. :) I've been super busy with the holidays and now I'm preparing for 2 baby showers that I'm co-hosting! Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures of some of the gifts I'll be making for these precious ladies. Then I may have something to actually show you on here!
Have a good day, everyone. Much love!


Friday, January 6, 2012

New picture wall!

Without the pictures!
So I was surfing on Pinterest sometime during the past 100 bazillion times I've surfed Pinterest, and I found this photo.
How cute is that? Seriously cute. And i looked at it an instantly I knew in my heart...this...was meant to be. In my home. On my wall, forever and ever amen.

This is what my wall previously looked like. Snooze McGee.

So, I got my hands on lots of frames. I already had several, and I bought a few more at the thrift store. My sweet grandma got the kids a little chalkboard for Christmas, and I already had the paint!
I got to work.
Painted, waited, more paint, wait. Measuring, leveling, mapping out, etc.  Finally, I felt like I had enough frames ready.  Got them up on the wall.
Seemed like something was missing. It just wasn't enough awesomeness, am I right? I wasn't satisfied. So I looked around my house for more un-used or waiting-for-a-new-purpose frames and found 2 more plus a cute little hoop. VOILA!

I am so pleased! I love it. And the kids like the chalkboard more than before because now they get to take it off the wall and use it, then put it back to display their masterpiece.  And I just LOVE being able to put my kids school stuff on the wall, instead of the fridge, where it often gets lost in the mix of calanders, pictures, etc.

I've been working on lots of other projects as well, like finishing the kids rooms and my office. It's coming along, but slowly. You may have noticed my extended absence from blogging (again.), oops. I was going NUTS making all the Christmas gifts I had committed myself to! Made one for every family member, except a few of the kids. It was so fun, but sure was time consuming.

For the kids room, I hung up a few pieces of art that I made, and one that I just printed from the Interwebs, and then I made this garland. And then this. (the pic is the one I was inspired by.)

It is so cute.  As soon as I finish the boys duvet covers, I'll post the before/after. I know you are all on the edge of your seats!
Some amazing news happened amidst all the crazy though! I am an aunt for the very first time, on my side of the family! My big sis, Bets, had her first baby, Maggie, on Christmas day! Mommy and baby are doing fine, although a bit sleep deprived, but as soon as that passes, I'm excited to see how much they enjoy life together.  So happy for that cute little family! And I have to say, it's fun to be an aunt. :)

Bless you guys! see ya when I see ya.