Monday, January 7, 2013

My quarterly blog post. :)

Happy 2013!

I figured it was time to say hi, if there are any of you out there anymore! :)
It has been quite a busy past few months, and I must admit that I have been consumed and busier than I prefer! The 2 months before Christmas are a bit crazy for me, as I always over-commit to myself in the area of homemade gift-giving. I did manage to get it all done on time, though! And I always have fun doing it.

Here are a few pics of some of the gifts I made! (They were taken on my phone, so of course the quality is ridiculous but you'll get the idea.)

Because every little girl needs a set of tiny sleep animals.
I obviously didn't make this nor was it a gift, but it was our first Christmas tree, and many of the ornaments on it were made by my cute kids. :)

A gift for my Office-loving Michael-Scott freak brother. 

Saw this idea on Pinterest and had to do it! My bestie Danni got the NY half and I kept the South Carolina one.  Cheesy?  Oh yes.

I always forget to take pictures of guests too! We had ALOT of fun family time with much company and it was wonderful.  I am overall very blessed, and a few pounds extra to show for it. 

I am not one of New Years resolutions, but let's just say, I'd like to be able to wear my normal jeans again. Ha!

Hopefully soon, I can sit down and compose a more personal post for you. In the mean time, be blessed!