Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

One of those days.

You ever have one of those days?
You know what I mean.
You don't get dressed into real clothes until 4:30 pm (and that's only cuz you don't want your husband to think you've been in your pajamas all day when he gets home from work), your kids eat hot dogs and popcorn for lunch, you spill nail polish on your favorite rug and scrub, not blot, to get it out, you step in the pee all over the bathroom floor and forget to clean it up until the entire house smells like pee, you trip on the bra you left on the bedroom floor and smack your head on the dresser, the kids scream every single second that you're on that important phone call you've been waiting weeks for, and your baby stays in that poopy diaper far too long because it doesn't really smell so you forget about it.

Not saying that ever happens to me.

But lately, I've been having days completely opposite of that. Pretty peaceful. It's kind of strange really. I'm sort of expecting something to blow up or fall from the sky.  Sure, my kids are a handful and sometimes I feel like jumping out of the window, but most days, I love every second of it.  Even on days like the above, it's not all that bad. Because they are worth it.'s a strange word really.  It entails so much more than 'they' tell you.  Before I had kids, I pictured life with a baby as pretty hunky dory. You snuggle this little bundle til they fall asleep, then you go about your business. They wake up bright eyed, eat and poop, and then just fall asleep again and life goes on as such until they're eighteen.  No problem.

What?! You mean that ISN'T the way it is? 
Not my kid, but funny, no?
No, I reckon it's so much more.  All the stuff up there in the first paragraph is not what's important.
It's how I respond to those things that is important.  I find myself getting so irritated that I make this throaty, mad noise, just so I don't scream, throw stuff, or put my kids on E-bay.
Soon after, I realize that now, my 4 year old is also making this noise.
I do not like that.  Do I really want him responding that way when he's upset? Nope.
They really do hear everything, and repeat it.
I'm teaching my kids how to react when things don't go their way.
Ugly throaty noise?
No thanks.

Every response matters, even and especially on one of those days.   Take a deep breath, sit down, snuggle them, and forget about the mess.  Apologize and repent for responding in anger, pray for grace, and ask God to put some peace in your home where the enemy has sought to take it. 

Because after all, in the grand scheme of things, really, what's a little pee on the floor?

Friday, August 26, 2011

DIY Fruit Dish with supplies from the Dollar Store!

I sure do love me some Dollar Store, in case you haven't noticed.

Have you ever gone to a party where the hostess had these amazingly cute fruit dish and you thought, 'Gee, Id sure love a dish that cute!' Well, now's your chance, folks.

Today's DIY: A dish (or cupcake stand, candy holder, etc!) that will cost you less than $5 (including spray paint and glue)

Alrighty, let's get to it!

Gather your supplies:
candle stick
bowl or plate
E6000 glue (found at walmart or any craft store)
spray paint

Apply some E-6000 around the top of the candle stand, and gently place the bowl on that. Allow to dry until it doesn't budge when you try to move it a little. (I estimate about 30 minutes?)

Now you have this!
You could leave it like this, or,  you could paint it! I used white so that it looked like porcelain, but you could totally do any color. Remember, when you paint it, do not paint the inside of the bowl because if you do, you won't be able to put food in there without some kind of lining like a paper towel. (which isn't quite as cute, am I right?)

If you want it paint, it's easy as pie. Just take it outside, lay it upside down on your surface, and paint a few thin coats (letting dry in between, of course!)

So pretty!
You can also stick a plate on top instead to have a super cute cake stand! Or you can do 2 candle stands and 3 plates alternated, and have a super cute 3-tiered cupcake stand!

The possibilities are endless...Have fun :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ode to my job.

Actually, I think an "ode" is a song or poem, so maybe this isn't an 'ode' so much as it is a 'shout-out'. Say 'ode' again.


Doesn't even sound like a word anymore.
But I digress.

Lately, as I've been paying more attention to my kids and less to my home improvement endeavors (I know, I should have been paying them the most attention to begin with, but hear me out.), I've been struck by some thoughts that I've thought of before, but are just now hitting me full on.  Bam. In the face.

I am responsible for teaching these little people that I love right from wrong.
I am in charge of raising them in their destinies and talents.
I, therefore, am responsible to find out what those talents are and once I learn that,  I have to help them grow in that way.
And get this: I'll be held accountable to the Lord if I fail to do my best.

Yikes McGee!
Thats tough stuff.
And a little heavy.
But seriously, moms and dads out there, this is our JOB. It's more important than your finances (what?! Did she just say that? Don't get me wrong though; if you don't provide for your family, that's bad news too), more important than your friendships, and more important than your house. (did you hear that, self?) In fact, parenting the children you've been given is the most important, impactful thing you will ever do in your lifetime, other than giving and living your life for Jesus.

So as I sit, watching my children play, I re-up.
I'm committing again in my heart to raise them in the way they should go.
I know it's not a guarentee, but I sure would love to see my kids grow to be loving, kind, caring people who go hard after God in everything they do.
I'd love to see them walking through this life caring about nothing more than their relationship with God, and consequently, sharing that with the people in their world around them.

Discipline matters more than everyone thinks.  Especially for the little ones. I see my almost-3-year old daughter getting feistier (word.) and sassier every day, and I know that it's part of who she is, but it has to be honed through loving discipline. My 4 year old has begun whining and so, it's time to crack down and be consistent. 

I've seen what children can end up like when the parents are too lax in their discipline, or when they're too involved in work so that their children don't see them as the true authority figure in their lives.  That's not to say those parents don't love their children; of course they do! But, I so desire to be that mom who, when looking back on their childhoods, my kids can say this about me: "My parents were consistent and loving in discipline, and we always knew we were precious and loved by God because of them."

So, to all you moms and dads out there, you've got these little lives in your hands, just waiting to be taught boundaries. To be shown love and affection more than you sit at your computer. To be read to and tickled rather than sit in front of the TV all day. To be hugged and kissed good night every night without you being in a hurry to get away.

(I'm saying this more to myself than you, believe me!)

I know this is kinda heavy, but it's a big deal, yes? Let's step up and take this job full on! Let's bear the weight of this, knowing it's for the glory of the Lord and for the good of the next generation. Let's leave a legacy, friends!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Make it Monday - Hungry Caterpillar, Pinterest faves, and shop stuffs!

Hey all! This is not a tutorial, but just an idea for you for your next bday party! Or just a decoration for your kiddos.  Of if you just really like the Hungry Caterpillar book and you want to see that cute little caterpillar every day.
And here's a couple of my faves I found on Pinterest this week.
I will now proceed to the thrift store and buy candle stands and make all of these. Where I will put them, I dont know, but I can't resist.

Uh. Yes please.

'Nuff said.

Joel doesn't know yet that I'm painting our house hot pink.

Head on over to the shop if you're looking for some scraps for your next project. I just listed a bunch of packs in different colors, shades, and patterns! Such as these:

Have a good Monday! Praying God blesses you today!

Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY T-shirt Headbands

Happy Friday, folks! I have possibly the easiest DIY yet for you today: headbands made from a tshirt. NO SEWING. Can you even believe I just said that?

Let's get started. Go get your supplies:


First, cut your hem off of the bottom, like so.
Then, cut off a strip as wide as you want your headband to be. I usually do about 2 inches, but you can totally do more or less!
Guess what.

You're done! That is it. Seriously. No, I'm serious. That's it. Just pick up your strip of fabric, wrap it around your head, tie a knot or a pretty bow, and voila. Easiest. Headband. EVER.

I like to do a knot and tuck the ends in sometimes, too, for a more sophisticated look. (As sophisticated as you can be with a strip of a t-shirt on your head.)

But still, it's awesome and super duper comfy. Have fun! Go get all of your old tshirts and cut away! Also super cute for little girlies and babies.

Thanks for hangin!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So so so ready...

I am so jealous of all of my friends in the south. Their kids started school yesterday....mine don't go back for another 3 weeks! Will we make it?!!

Well of course we will, but it seems so far away. We don't spend a ton of time outside right now due to the  two pitbulls that moved in on either side of us (Sorry if you own one. I hate them. Like, hate. With a fiery passion.), and we're waiting for our backyard fence to be finished getting installed.  It's going to be a beautiful thing. I can't WAIT!
But wait we must.
So, we'll be doing some fun things to keep busy! I've been looking up some fun ideas for us to do, and thought I'd share some of the inspiration. For all you moms out there who are looking for ways to fill up the last few weeks of summer, here ya go!

DIY Window Paints at Modern Parents, Messy Kids
Tissue Paper pom-poms by Martha Stewart (I know this is a stupid idea since all the tiny pieces of tissue paper will end up on every surface of my home within minutes, but it'll keep them happy, and that's what it's about.)
Fitted Sheet Tent by Martha Stewart
I think my kids will love this one if they would just not touch the broom!
 Painting Rocks!  (also by Ms. Martha)
Homemade Playdough!

I'm sure there'll be more that I think of soon, but for now, these should keep us busy. Hoping to find some good projects online to do with cardboard boxes...any ideas?

If you've been following the progress on the house, we're getting there! I've finished painting the part under the front windows, and we've got our new mailbox up, after some wood repair. Joel still has quite a bit of repairing and patching up to do around the windows before we can finish that, and I need to get up on the top of the porch and scrape so we can paint the window trim up there, but I'll be sure to post pictures when it's all done!
 I hope everyone gets motivated to do some small (or big!) touch ups on their houses too! It feels good and makes the neighborhood look a little brighter too.
I'm on the lookout for one of these:
That's my next wish! In the meantime, I'll be doing some fun redecorating IN the house.

I've been spending my spare time listening to David Pawson, who is one of my favorite teachers. So encouraging, informative and just a sweet old man. Check him out if you want to be changed, educated, and convicted.  Years ago, I listened to entire 12 disc series he taught on the book of Revelation, but lately I've been going through his teachings on this website. I LOVED all the information he gave on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. His British accent makes him so easy to listen to, but don't listen while you're too tired, or he may just lull you into a nap. :)

Have a good day, friends! Let me know what fun projects you've been doing with your kids, and what new decorating projects you are/will be doing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Magnetic Memo Boards

Happy day, readers!! And welcome to your weekly DIY post. This week, we're going to make some super cheap, frugal, memo boards from supplies you have at your house,  and a 2 pc. burner cover set from the Dollar Store. That's right, you heard me. THE DOLLAR STORE. Go get them, come back, and we'll get started. One dollar for 2 burner covers. I got mine at the Dollar Tree. Here's your supplies to gather:

Spray paint -(or not! Only if you want your the little ring around the outside to be a certain color. You could just leave it if you want!)
Mod Podge
Foam paint brush
Fun scrapbook paper
Hammer and nail
Ribbon or embroidery floss

 1. Ok first step.  Hammer 2 holes in each burner cover through which to pull your ribbon for hanging your memo boards.  (Or you can drill bigger holes if you want to use ribbon. I liked the look of embroidery floss).  I space the wholes about 4 inches apart.

2.Next, take your burner covers outside and give them a good even coat of spray paint in the color of your choosing. I love white, so I always do white.  Wait for that coat to dry (about 20 minutes or more, depending on the humidity), then put a 2nd coat on and let dry.

3. Put your embroidery floss through the holes, and tie in a knot for your desired length.  

4. For the next step, we'll cut the paper out. I use a very scientific method. Here goes. Flip it upside and down and trace. :)
I cut mine a bit smaller than the top of the burner cover so I could have a tiny white border around the outside of my memo boards.

5. Make sure your circle fits. Next, grab your foam brush and put a dime-sized clump of mod podge on there.  Then, go ahead and put a thin, even coat of mod podge on the top of the cover.  Quickly but carefully adhere your paper to the top, starting at one side, pressing down evenly across to prevent bubbles.  Wait for this coat to dry before moving on to the next step.

6.  Once that coat is dry, we coat the top of the paper with Mod Podge. One light, even coat. Then, wait for that to dry and do one more coat.  If you don't wait for the coats to dry, the paper will bubble up and that's not so pretty! And we WANT pretty, right?!
7. Hang it up! I put mine next to my very sad, lonely inspiration board. (I guess I'm not that inspired right now...)

Well, looks like we're done! Grab your magnets, or go buy some cute ones, and use your new cute memo boards. Can you even believe how easy that was?!

**Head over to the shop if you're looking for some cute bags, fabric, or wristlets!*

House progress...

Thought I'd post an update on how the house is coming along for all of my faithful blog readers! So, thanks to both of you for reading, and here it is.
It rained like the dickens almost all day yesterday, so we didn't get too far with the front of the house. I did manage to scrape the entire skirt under the front porch, so now we are ready to prime! I'll be starting that today, if my scraping job gets approved by the boss (Joel.) :)
Here's what it looks like right now.
This is where the mailbox will be going. That little spot is all primed and ready to be painted!
And check this out. This is the corner of the house where we found some rotted wood from water damage. Gotta love old houses. I'm so thankful Joel is handy and can fix this with no problem. If it were left to me, I'd be filling that sucker in with some play-dough.

The house is going to stay the same color, but with fresher look! All the trim will eventually be white, though, which is going to make the house look super sweet.

*Come back tomorrow for the DIY Friday post! *

Monday, August 8, 2011

My back is mad at me.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day weeding the front 'garden'. I SO wish I had gotten a picture of the monstrous bed of weeds, but just picture piece of yard, 16 feet by 8 feet (or so) of weeds, some up to your knee. Not even a spot of ground that was free of weeds. Oy. So, I grabbed my trusty pitchfork and shovel, and went for it.
Nobody ever told me gardening was an olympic sport.
Ok, it's not, but it should be. Holy cow. I was sweating like a pig and my whole body aches today.
After all the weeds were out, my mother in law came over to help me lay that black tarp stuff down, and then cover it with mulch. (Of course, the handsome husband helped with that part too. Can't forget him.) :)
And ta-da!! My new front yard!

Later today, Joel will be hanging our new mailbox, and I will hopefully begin scraping paint off the front of the house.  It's gonna get a fresh coat of paint! Here's our old mailbox. I think the previous homeowner made it:

And here's where it was. Needs to be repaired and painted:

Eventually, I'll tackle all of that ugly crab grass growing in and around the sidewalk. I just can't bring myself to use Round Up because my kids play out there. So, back down on the ground I go.

We have a bunch of other projects we're working on to. The kitchen is almost done (yay!) and the bathroom is also in the works. As of now, in the kitchen, the walls are getting a make over. Right now, there is this lovely formica stuff that's been there since the 60s. We're covering that up with some beaded board. Can't wait! Then, I'm saving up for some butcher block counter tops. We'll see if that ever happens though. It seems like there's always more important stuff to do/get.
The entire bathroom needs a facelift, but mostly the shower. The tiles keep falling off the shower wall. Seriously. There's a big whole. Luckily, it's been covered with plastic for months but it's in need of the new plastic surround we bought. I'll show pics when it's all done!
And of course, I have lots of decorating ideas that I need to gather gumption to do. Here's some of my ideas:
I want to paint a bench to stick in my new front yard. And I'm in love with this blue!

this is what Bella and Asher's room will look like, once I start. And probably minus most of the pink, since a boy does live in there.

I've got to add some open shelving to the wall in the dining room above my buffet. I'll show you when it's done! but dont you love this?!

In other news. I'm sure you remember my fondness for the Cosby Show. I watch it every evening while I decompress from the day. I'm very sad to say this but...I'm on the last episode!! :/ What will I do now?
I need suggestions for shows that are just like that one; funny, old school, clean. Just good fun. C'mon, give me all your ideas!!