Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday!

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Lora said...

love that verse!

Anonymous said...

I read your verse and I cried. About 3 years ago, our cat died; my daughter cried every night for almost 6 months. We got her another cat from the shelter and she named her Lizzy. She is an inside cat because it appeared the other cat died from some wild animal. This morning, Lizzy got out and we could not find her for hours. I was outside and a neighbor (who is a Messianic Jew) prayed with me that we would find her. As soon as I walked up to our door, Lizzy came running up and flew into the house! God is so good / all the time! Thank you for your blog / all God's blessings! Nita

jenn said...

@Nita, that's great! What an awesome story! Love answered prayer!