Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ode to my job.

Actually, I think an "ode" is a song or poem, so maybe this isn't an 'ode' so much as it is a 'shout-out'. Say 'ode' again.


Doesn't even sound like a word anymore.
But I digress.

Lately, as I've been paying more attention to my kids and less to my home improvement endeavors (I know, I should have been paying them the most attention to begin with, but hear me out.), I've been struck by some thoughts that I've thought of before, but are just now hitting me full on.  Bam. In the face.

I am responsible for teaching these little people that I love right from wrong.
I am in charge of raising them in their destinies and talents.
I, therefore, am responsible to find out what those talents are and once I learn that,  I have to help them grow in that way.
And get this: I'll be held accountable to the Lord if I fail to do my best.

Yikes McGee!
Thats tough stuff.
And a little heavy.
But seriously, moms and dads out there, this is our JOB. It's more important than your finances (what?! Did she just say that? Don't get me wrong though; if you don't provide for your family, that's bad news too), more important than your friendships, and more important than your house. (did you hear that, self?) In fact, parenting the children you've been given is the most important, impactful thing you will ever do in your lifetime, other than giving and living your life for Jesus.

So as I sit, watching my children play, I re-up.
I'm committing again in my heart to raise them in the way they should go.
I know it's not a guarentee, but I sure would love to see my kids grow to be loving, kind, caring people who go hard after God in everything they do.
I'd love to see them walking through this life caring about nothing more than their relationship with God, and consequently, sharing that with the people in their world around them.

Discipline matters more than everyone thinks.  Especially for the little ones. I see my almost-3-year old daughter getting feistier (word.) and sassier every day, and I know that it's part of who she is, but it has to be honed through loving discipline. My 4 year old has begun whining and so, it's time to crack down and be consistent. 

I've seen what children can end up like when the parents are too lax in their discipline, or when they're too involved in work so that their children don't see them as the true authority figure in their lives.  That's not to say those parents don't love their children; of course they do! But, I so desire to be that mom who, when looking back on their childhoods, my kids can say this about me: "My parents were consistent and loving in discipline, and we always knew we were precious and loved by God because of them."

So, to all you moms and dads out there, you've got these little lives in your hands, just waiting to be taught boundaries. To be shown love and affection more than you sit at your computer. To be read to and tickled rather than sit in front of the TV all day. To be hugged and kissed good night every night without you being in a hurry to get away.

(I'm saying this more to myself than you, believe me!)

I know this is kinda heavy, but it's a big deal, yes? Let's step up and take this job full on! Let's bear the weight of this, knowing it's for the glory of the Lord and for the good of the next generation. Let's leave a legacy, friends!


Robin said...

Thank you Jenn. I know that is what we have to do as parents but we need reminders ALL the time. We humans are so forgetful! THANK YOU!!

Rebekah said...

I've had the worst attitude this morning. All I could think about was being on some beach on some unknown island in the middle of no where with my husband for the day without the little voices saying "mommy" today. But ode to it, I love those little voices even when it gets hard serving them day in and day out. The Lord is helping us along the way even on days like these, especially on days like these.

susanna internicola said...

needed to hear that! :)
thanks for the truth!
love you!
they are worth it all!!

Lora said...

so good, jenn. you're totally right - God, give us all grace to do our jobs with excellence, joy, and grace!
love your heart, my friend. :) lora

Chuck said...

Excellent word, Jenn! Even with our little ones all grown up, we still see the lace the Lord has given us to lead in their lives. It is different now, important just the same. What is interesting, and challenging, at times is seeing the product of the time we spent with them and what we taught by word and deed.

Your words are an important reminded to everyone entrusted with the stewardship of another life. Be blessed as you recommit!