Thursday, January 28, 2010


I realized I haven't posted a Rowan update in a long time, so here it is:

We've started his in-home ABA therapy. I think we actually started this over a month ago but I am not sure I've written about it yet. Things have been absolutely crazy since moving back to Oswego.  I don't feel settled AT ALL yet, but am determined to do what's best for Rowan amidst the unsettled-ness. So, he has 2 therapists right now that come 8 hours/week. Totally not enough hours. We are supposed to be giving him a minimum of 25 hours/week but people, it is so expensive! If only we could make money grow on that big maple in the back yard. And the state refuses to pay for a single bit of it. Maddening. Dont get me started!
So his therapy is going well. He loves his therapists, Mary and Emily. And they love him too. He doesn't give them the easiest time, but they're patient and determined. I am so thankful for them.  Right now he is working on gross motor imitation, things like "clap your hands" or "tap the table", etc. Also, he's working on asking for things, pointing, simple t hings like that. It pains me to know that he's working on things that most 2 year olds can already do without needing any help. But alas, this is life right now. Can't focus on the pain right?!
We've started doing MB-12 shots, hence the title of this post. MB-12 is a vitamin that many kids with autism are deficient in. Here's a little synopsis for those interested:
"B12 (cobalamin) is a vitamin “family” with five unique family members that each do different things: a) cyanocobalamin; b) hydroxycobalamin; c) adenosylcobalamin; d) glutathionylcobalamin; e) methylcobalamin. Out of the B12 family, only Methyl-B12 has the ability to activate the methionine/homocysteine biochemical pathway directly. It is this pathway that is responsible for the body’s entire sulfur-based detoxification system. It is this pathway that is responsible for the formation of S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), the universal methyl donor. It is this pathway that is responsible for the formation of homocysteine, the “crossroads” molecule that is responsible either to reform methionine and SAMe or create cysteine, taurine, and glutathione. Glutathione is the body’s primary intracellular antioxidant and is responsible for many detoxification reactions, most notably those that involve the binding and removal of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, tin, antimony, and many other lesser-known heavy metals that also bind to glutathione’s sulfur group."
Anyway, we are seeing one major negative side-effect: disrupted sleep. he's waking up as early as 4:30 and not going back to bed. There is no way i'm getting up at 4:30, so he just plays in his room until i get him up. I am really hoping this side effect goes away in the next month, 2 at the most because he's a grouch!! Most people say it does diminish. I'll keep you posted.
On other news, Asher and Bella are doing amazingly. They love life, you can tell. Asher is happy as a clam and pretty hilarious. One of these days I'll post a video. And Bella Rose is such a joy, but oh my, a climber. I can't keep her off of the dining room table!  I'm praying she doesn't get hurt. Yikes!
As for my pregnancy, I'm doing ok. I'm a freaking emotional mess though. Can't seem to control it. I'd like to say I have mood swings, but its not even that. I'm perpetually grouchy and I hate it. Pray for me! Other than that, the pregnancy seems to be going fine. :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Things I love Friday! (on Saturday hee hee!)

1.  the Food Network. I love it TOO much. Way too much.

2.  Reading in bed. I love going to bed early and just reading until my eyes get tired.

3.  Feeling the Lord move on my heart. Every week at my church I feel the Spirit and I just never get sick of it!

4.  Friends who care and check up on me when they know I've been having a tough time. I love my dear friends.

5.  When Joel takes out the garbage. And when he takes over cooking dinner because he knows it's making me nauseous. He loves me.

Bonus thought: When I get my own house, I would love to make my bedroom look something like this. Ecclectic and really fun!! I love love love the colors on the bed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

5 things I Love Friday

1.  talking with friends, far and near. Rachael, Lauren, Sooz, Lora and Danni, to be precise!

2.  Gilmore Girls. Their wit cracks me up and makes me laugh out loud! I need that nowadays amidst my moody-ness!

3.  A happy husband. We put an offer in on a house yesturday (still waiting to hear!) and he's like a giddy school boy with excitement.

4.  Little Debbie blueberry muffins, oatmeal cream cookies and Cheddar Cheese pringles. Cravings? Yes.  And I love every bite!

5. living so close to our families. The knowledge that we can hop in the van and drive a few hours to go see my family makes me so very happy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It has been a pretty long time, sorry!! Things have been NUTSO here.  Christmas, New Years, and then getting sick have made life pretty hectic, but things are starting to normalize again.  We spent Christmas Eve here in Oswego with the Greutman family and much fun was had by all. We opened lots of presents, ate yummy home-made cinammon rolls and frosted cookies.  I got a beautiful new winter jacket from my hubby and some other very nice gifts from the rest of the family! My kids got REALLY Blessed with toys and books and everything they could want. Bella has a new baby doll and she loves her to pieces! 
Christmas Day we drove 3.5 hours down to my parents house and saw almost the whole family! Sadly my big sis Laurel couldn't make it up this year, we missed her. But seeing the rest of my family was wonderful. Their company was like a breath of fresh air to me, as it had been a LONG time since I'd spent any quality time with them! Especially my siblings. We have alot of fun when we get together. And of course, we all got blessed with some awesome gifts too. :-)
New Years Eve was spent here with more family and we loved it! We ate amazing steaks and potatoes and had great conversation and game time. Catan still isn't old to me yet, even after playing it for 7 years nearly every week!
Rowans therapy started a few weeks ago and right now, he's just getting to know the therapists. So far, so good!  More updates on Rowan to come soon...Bless you all!