Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Things I Love Friday - Teacher Appreciation Edition

In case you weren't aware, next week is Teacher Appreciation week!  Ro and Ash have several people in their lives that are teachers of some kind, so I've been pondering what I could do to show them how much we love and value their work.   Then yesterday, I noticed that one of my favorite crafty blogs, Skip to My Lou, is featuring some easy teacher appreciation gifts that any novice sew/crafty person can make! My '5 things' today are some from this site, and others I've found in the bloggy world. Check it.

1.  Clipboards!

2.  Bookmarks made from cereal boxes!

3. Paint chip bookmarks. LOVE THIS ONE. How can you resist?

4.  Homemade peppermint bark. Always a fan of gifts you can eat.

5.   And lastly, everyone needs a tote bag in their lives. Teachers have alot to carry around!

Have fun, and don't forget to tell the teachers in your lives that you are thankful for all that they do!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Link Love

Hi there!
Tuesdays in my house are gloriously quiet.  I plan on enjoying that today with my two littles.
While I do that, here is some link love!
I think this is my next project. How adorable are those? I could scream, seriously.
Does anyone have any cubby shelf hangy thingys? I want. Here's why.

I think this is my next project idea. Of course, not exactly the same but similar! May even sell them in the shop. What do you think?
Were you looking for a super cute desktop background? I knew you were. I always am. Here's my latest favorite!

I cant wait to do this. I need a pallet but you can be sure this is on my list!

Happy Tuesday! This is the day that the Lord has made. Be glad! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

And the winner!

Sorry this is late! We're visiting my family for a few days and I nearly forgot about this giveaway. I did pick the winner today, though.  I used and it chose #..........23!!  Kristina!!

"I am posting your giveaway on my facebook. I also would like something with circles or ocean feel on material for big comfy pillows on my couch. Hugs"-Kristina

 I'll be sending you an email later on today, Kristina.  I hope you like your new pillow covers. :)

Thanks all, for playing!  I loved reading all of your thoughts and will remember them when I make my next few sets of pillow covers. I look forward to doing another giveaway soon!  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

autism awareness month and really good friends who love my family

*If you are looking for the giveaway, it's right here!*

2 facts.  First, April is Autism Awareness month.  Second, My beautiful, talented, wonderful real-life friend Lora runs an Etsy shopped named Eagerhands.

She has been one of my closest friends for about 3 years. She's been with us from the very beginning of everything concerning Rowan; the discovery about his current autism, the diagnosis, the diet, therapies, etc, and has supported us through prayer more than I ever expected anyone would. (Many of our friends and family do this and I can tell you, we have SEEN the fruit!).

She recently informed me that she was going to sell some puzzle piece jewelry in her shop and give some of the proceeds to our family in honor of Rowan, to help fund his in-home therapy program.  (In case you aren't aware, the symbol that is used to represent autism is a puzzle piece.  I think it's because it is such a mystery to everyone.  )
Isn't she freakin awesome? I really love her. Lora, I love you. Alot.

Anyway, I thought I'd link to her blog post about it and show you some of the gorgeous jewelry she's been making. Be amazed.

My sister is another one of those people whose support we feel very tangibly on a daily basis. When I talk with her, I can tell she earnestly prays for the healing of my boy, and of course for my other kiddos as well.  She wrote an incredibly touching and thoughtful blog post about Rowan this month too. Go check it out. 

I love you two ladies. You bless me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sorry to be gone so long!
We have some wonderful friends visiting us from the far off land of South Cackalacky, so we have been spending as much time with them as humanly possible.  But I'm popping in real quick to let you know that today is GIVEAWAY DAY!   I'm pleased to say that I'm giving away a beautiful set of pillow covers!

I've been wanting to do a giveaway on here and thought, since I have lots of these gorgeous pillow covers in my stash, I'd like to give a pair! Along with the pillow covers, there will be a few little surprise goodies as well. :)

Here's how you win this green goodness:

1. Simply leave me a comment telling me what color pillow covers you'd like to see in my shop in the future.

2. For another entry, follow my blog and tell me you did.

3. For another entry, tweet or blog about my giveaway and let me know you did.

**PLEASE include your email address so that I can contact you in case you win! (For example: jensmith (at) gmail (dot) com )
The giveaway ends on Saturday, April 23 at noon. I'll pick a winner using  

Thanks and have fun! Looking forward to hearing your ideas about pillow covers!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday song of choice

I've been loving this song. Give it a listen if you're in the mood to hear a love song from God to you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to my man!

Today marks the day that I'm most thankful for, other than the day of my salvation. 32 years ago, my best friend and favorite person in the whole world was born.

 Joel, you've brought so much joy to my life. You make me laugh. And sometimes cry. But mostly laugh.   I love your goofiness,

I love how you can make our kids laugh with just a silly face.
I love how you can't stop tickling a victim once you've got them laughing.  
I love your desire to know God more and be a better man. 
I love the way you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 
I love the little lines at the corners of your eyes.
I love how you turn to mush when our kids cuddle with you.
 I love how you aren't satisfied with doing the minimum of anything; 'That's good enough' rarely crosses your lips. 
I love that you do what you love and love what you do. 
I love how you desire to be the absolute best steward of everything you're given.
I love when you play the guitar. 
I love hearing you sing to the Lord. 
I love how you make up silly songs.
I love your crazy jokes that nobody else gets.
I love that you support me.
I love that you married me almost 8 years ago.  Thanks a bunch for that.
I love that you can fix stuff and build stuff.
I love that you are willing to do whatever it takes to do the very best thing for our family.
I love that I get to keep you.

My heart still flutters when you walk in the room.

I love you, favoprite. Happy birthday! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

We joined Facebook!

It's slow going with adding the pictures of all the products, but as you can see there on the left side, there is a "My Etsy" link, and that opens up my shop.  I am excited! I will try to update it as often as I think of it. I have lots of things to update that I consistenly forget about! ha!! This blog, Flickr, Twitter (which I daily think about deleting because I rarely use), Facebook. I admit, since Facebook is my connection to the outside world, I do check that one often but I don't always remember to add pictures!  Sheesh. Mommy brain strikes again. And again and again.

Good news, though! I got my fabric in the mail from this wonderful shop for the reversible diaper bags. I literally drooled. Tried to eat it. And once again, my husband thinks I'm a nut.  But who cares? I have the prettiest fabric ever sitting on my desk. It's going to be hard to cut into, but it will make some darn pretty bags!

Stay tuned! And dont worry, I haven't forgotten about that giveaway...:)

PS My new niece was born today! Kaylee Rose. Beautiful, beautiful, sweet little bundle of cute goodness. Blessings to Lauren and Mark!

Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Things I Love Friday - Welcome edition

I love greetings.
Greetings of all kinds.
Hello, how are ya, hi there, Ciao, hiya, hey, sup, yo. 
Especially, but not only, when they're said with a smile and a hug.  So today's '5 things' is all about the word 'Hello'. These are things I found on Etsy that I would love to own.  Hope you enjoy! And scroll all the way down to see my latest 2 projects...

Hello pendant neclace from mettaville

Hello Beautiful in Italien note card from loveandpaper

Hello Acrylic Painting by AisletoAlohaStudio

Well Hello There by pineconecabin
Hello I Love You onesie by embaby

 And as promised, my bag! I made this for my upcoming trip to Charlotte!! My amazing, handsome, wonderful, loving and hot husband surprised me a few days ago with tickets to Charlotte to go see my 3 besties who all live there.  High five, honey. A million high fives. :)  Back to the bag though: I made myself a nice big tote that I'll be carrying EVERYTHING I'm bringing. When I fly, I like to only bring a carry on. So mine and Haven's stuff will all be in this cute number here.
Complete with 6 pockets and a layer of fleece to protect stuffs.
And the other project I just finished was a bag I thought I'd keep but decided to sell in the shop instead. It's so amazing gorgeous and perfect for me but unfortunately won't hold a travel diapers and wipes case due to size. It would be a great bag for someone else though!  It has 3 pockets inside, great for cell phone, pens, whatevs. How cute is that Amy Butler fabric? Oh Em Gee.
Have a good weekend! I'll be posting sometime soon about an upcoming won't wanna miss that one. Blessings!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My boy.

My angel.
My miracle.
My boy, Ro.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Advice taken!!! I am proud and very excited to announce that make mine blue will soon be stocking reversible hobo bags and reversible diaper bags! Yay! Thanks for all the input, I really do appreciate it!
I've been rather obsessive about searching Etsy for some yummy yardage to add to my cart for the new bags. They take lots more fabric than the bags I've been making due to the size and the added pockets.  Can I just say something?


A little too much. Ok. Alot too much.

Here's something I've discovered. I always, always, every single time, gravitate towards bright colored prints.  I will pass by anything brown, tan or cream ANY day of the week in order to get to the magenta or lime green goodness that awaits.   A friend of mine recently said to me, "Hey, I'd love to buy a bag from  your shop but do you have any fabrics that aren't so, um, bright and crazy!?" Ha! So I guess you will also be seeing more subdued patterns coming. Especially for diaper bags in order to make them more gender neutral.  I will also warn you that I'm not interested in making a diaper bag that looks like everyone else's.  You won't be seeing much of this:

or this:
You will, however, be seeing some like this!:
and this:
(both of those last two photos are from my favorite bag shop: Retrofied.)
Of course, I won't be totally copying anyone's original designs, as I will surely add my own 'Jenn' flair! But I love how those two bags are versatile and not obviously a diaper bag. I feel like the first two pictures are very 'diaper bag'ish. Not a bad thing, but it ain't what I'm going for, y'alls. 

I hope you like what I come up with!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Make Mine Blue poll...

I need help.  Tell me what you think.  I've got lots of ideas for bags for my shop, but I need to know 4 things:

1.  Should I make my bags reversible? (In doing so, there will likely be bags without pockets.)

2.  Would a bag without pockets be appealing to you if you could turn it inside out and have 2 bags in one? Even without pockets?

3.  Should I make diapers bags?

4.  What other features would be useful to you in a bag/purse?

C'mon, throw all your ideas and thoughts at me!



Here is an example of a reversible bag that I just posted a few days ago in the shop:
This bag has no pockets but has SUPER cute designer fabric on both sides.  Wondering if these kinds of bags would sell?  Let me know whatcha think!  Here's another one:
Lookin forward to hearing your thoughts!

Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Things I Love Friday - Crafty Sites Edition

I've often been asked where I get all my crafting ideas, so I thought I'd just make a small list here. These are only 5 of the best ones I've come across, and these are mostly for sewing.  There are several more sites that I will share with sometime later for lots of other kinds of crafts! Oh to have all the time in the world to make every kind of craft that I want! Maybe someday...:)

Do yourself a favor.  Go to every one of these sites, and check out their 'tutorials' section.  You will be
amazed at how easy and well-explained they are!

1. Prudent Baby

2. Made

3. Made by Rae

4. Noodlehead

5. Make it And Love it

Enjoy!!  Come back and tell me your favorite tutorial that you ARE going to try! :)