Monday, April 11, 2011

We joined Facebook!

It's slow going with adding the pictures of all the products, but as you can see there on the left side, there is a "My Etsy" link, and that opens up my shop.  I am excited! I will try to update it as often as I think of it. I have lots of things to update that I consistenly forget about! ha!! This blog, Flickr, Twitter (which I daily think about deleting because I rarely use), Facebook. I admit, since Facebook is my connection to the outside world, I do check that one often but I don't always remember to add pictures!  Sheesh. Mommy brain strikes again. And again and again.

Good news, though! I got my fabric in the mail from this wonderful shop for the reversible diaper bags. I literally drooled. Tried to eat it. And once again, my husband thinks I'm a nut.  But who cares? I have the prettiest fabric ever sitting on my desk. It's going to be hard to cut into, but it will make some darn pretty bags!

Stay tuned! And dont worry, I haven't forgotten about that giveaway...:)

PS My new niece was born today! Kaylee Rose. Beautiful, beautiful, sweet little bundle of cute goodness. Blessings to Lauren and Mark!