Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Things I Love Friday - Welcome edition

I love greetings.
Greetings of all kinds.
Hello, how are ya, hi there, Ciao, hiya, hey, sup, yo. 
Especially, but not only, when they're said with a smile and a hug.  So today's '5 things' is all about the word 'Hello'. These are things I found on Etsy that I would love to own.  Hope you enjoy! And scroll all the way down to see my latest 2 projects...

Hello pendant neclace from mettaville

Hello Beautiful in Italien note card from loveandpaper

Hello Acrylic Painting by AisletoAlohaStudio

Well Hello There by pineconecabin
Hello I Love You onesie by embaby

 And as promised, my bag! I made this for my upcoming trip to Charlotte!! My amazing, handsome, wonderful, loving and hot husband surprised me a few days ago with tickets to Charlotte to go see my 3 besties who all live there.  High five, honey. A million high fives. :)  Back to the bag though: I made myself a nice big tote that I'll be carrying EVERYTHING I'm bringing. When I fly, I like to only bring a carry on. So mine and Haven's stuff will all be in this cute number here.
Complete with 6 pockets and a layer of fleece to protect stuffs.
And the other project I just finished was a bag I thought I'd keep but decided to sell in the shop instead. It's so amazing gorgeous and perfect for me but unfortunately won't hold a travel diapers and wipes case due to size. It would be a great bag for someone else though!  It has 3 pockets inside, great for cell phone, pens, whatevs. How cute is that Amy Butler fabric? Oh Em Gee.
Have a good weekend! I'll be posting sometime soon about an upcoming won't wanna miss that one. Blessings!


Jessa said...

GREAT bags Jenn! They are adorable! And what a great gift for you to get to go see your friends! I am totally impressed though that you can carry everything you need and Haven will need in that one bag! Wow! :)

Liz Carey said...

Oh Jenn! I'm so glad that you get to go to Charlotte and looks like you'll be traveling in style too!

Carlaflower said...

yay for visiting SC! so is that tote your new purse or just a bag you made for the trip?