Thursday, April 21, 2011

autism awareness month and really good friends who love my family

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2 facts.  First, April is Autism Awareness month.  Second, My beautiful, talented, wonderful real-life friend Lora runs an Etsy shopped named Eagerhands.

She has been one of my closest friends for about 3 years. She's been with us from the very beginning of everything concerning Rowan; the discovery about his current autism, the diagnosis, the diet, therapies, etc, and has supported us through prayer more than I ever expected anyone would. (Many of our friends and family do this and I can tell you, we have SEEN the fruit!).

She recently informed me that she was going to sell some puzzle piece jewelry in her shop and give some of the proceeds to our family in honor of Rowan, to help fund his in-home therapy program.  (In case you aren't aware, the symbol that is used to represent autism is a puzzle piece.  I think it's because it is such a mystery to everyone.  )
Isn't she freakin awesome? I really love her. Lora, I love you. Alot.

Anyway, I thought I'd link to her blog post about it and show you some of the gorgeous jewelry she's been making. Be amazed.

My sister is another one of those people whose support we feel very tangibly on a daily basis. When I talk with her, I can tell she earnestly prays for the healing of my boy, and of course for my other kiddos as well.  She wrote an incredibly touching and thoughtful blog post about Rowan this month too. Go check it out. 

I love you two ladies. You bless me!

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