Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm opinionated. Here's why.

I'm on facebook. Alot. Like, way too much. I pretty much leave the page open on my computer and check it every time I walk past (if i'm not preoccupied, of course.)  Some of you could probably say the same.  And I see tons of status updates. I try to read most of them.  Lame? Whatevs.
Here's my point: I have some facebook pet-peeves. Now, if you do one of these things, it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like you or that you even bother me. But maybe sometimes, your updates might. Sorry.

#1 Pet Peeve on FB: Soap Box rants.   I know many of you feel like this is a good place for this, and while maybe it is for you, it's not for me.  I feel like if you're going to try to convince someone of something that you are convicted of, there are better ways.  In my very humble-almost-always-right opinon (just kidding),  people usually either just get offended and are therefore unreachable, or they agree with you and in that case, great but whats the point?  Just to tell people how you feel in a way that is likely to push people's buttons and get them mad at you?

#2 Pet Peeve on FB:  Ambiguous or purposefully vague status updates. Things like "That was interesting." or "I can't even believe this is happening!", "Now I know who my real friends are," or the ever popular "Hmm...." Grr! I dont have time to sit there and wonder what amazingly interesting thing you might be thinking, just tell me already.

#3 Pet Peeve on FB (this one is the most important to me): Visuals. I dont need to know if you're about to go take a shower. I dont want to know your bra color, where you like to 'put your purse', or if 'Katie made out with Johnny last and your SOOOO gonna smack her lol haha o.m.g. ' Consider who is going to see your updates and the kinds of things that Christ would want you to put out there for the world to read.   Do you really need my husband and all other husbands out there to know what color your undergarments are?! I'm guessing no. I try to be careful of these things and I wish other people were too.
(photo borrowed from joyshope)

Ok, done!  But just so you all know, I still love you even if you've done one of my 3 pet peeves. You're not a horrible person, nor are you destined for the place of gnashing of teeth because of your inappropriate or annoying updates.  :) And I hope to some degree, someone giggled at least once while reading. And also, last but not least, I know that my opinions aren't shared by most people and thats ok. But what is a blog without a little opinionated posting?! At least you all dont have to see it on your news feed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coat Closet Before and After!

So. My coat closet was just plain ugly and gross inside and stayed that way from when we moved in, until yesturday. It just took a back seat to everything else that needed to get done.  And frankly, I just didnt really care about it. I almost never looked in there since it stored mostly our winter stuff and it hasn't been that cold here yet.  But the other day, I realized it wouldn't really take long and I could do it while the kids watched a video! So, as promised, here are the before photos.
(unassuming when you see it from the outside but then....)
KA-BLAM! smacked in the face with mess.
Can you see the bottom there?
Empty and ready for the overhaul.

And here we go! Are you ready? It's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself...
 Hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as I did.  I'm sure you didn't, because I am unreasonably giddy. I really love making things nicer and more pleasing to the eye. Whether you think so or not, what you see effects your mood! If your house is messy, you wont feel as good. It's true. Dont you agree? When my house is clean and smells good, I feel better in general. Feng shui, maybe?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

ConfessionI love fabric too much.  I could spend hours in Joanns just looking at the pretty fabric and imaging things I could do with it. I could take $10 in with me, and come out with 10 pieces of beautiful materials and have (or not have) ideas for each piece. Sometimes I just buy a fabric that I can't take my eyes off of and keep it around until just the right moment. I know - obsessed much?  I have issues.

This past week I have not been sewing much. I finished a Kristina Clutch and listed it in the shop, and I have pieces cut for another Kristina clutch and a Bella Bag. We'll see when those get done; but at least the pieces are cut, right?!

I'm also in the middle of repainting and organizing my coat closet, so come back soon to see pictures of the before/after. Everyone loves a good before/after post, right?!  

Go on over to Kootoyoo and check out all of the other creative spaces! There's some really awesome blogs out there that are just waiting for you to visit!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life and Link Love

LIFE in the Greut Home as of Late

Things are getting very busy around here.  My sis-in-law is getting married on Saturday. So, this past weekend we celebrated her. We had a little gift-giving and snack-eating session at her house before we went out to eat at my favorite Asian cuisine place: PF Changs. Mmm. Just thinking about the lettuce wraps makes my mouth water.  Ames had a really good time, was totally blessed, and we all ate too much. It was fun. Lots of Joel's family is/will be in town and I'm excited to see ALL of them! For some, it's been way too long!  *cough*benandbekah*cough*

This weekend is the wedding! My Bell is a flower girl. She gets to wear a cute white dress, little white mary jane's and an amazingly cute headband. And she gets to throw stuff, which I think might be her favorite thing to do.

(this photo from the left: sister Krister, sis Bets, and Grandma)

My grandma reads my blog. So, a quick 'hi' to you, Grandma. I love you. I think you are amazing. Your art still blows my mind when I find the old cards you've sent, and the paintings that hang in my home. The way you've loved us all throughout our lives is something worthy of tribute.  The way you care for Grandpa makes me want to be a better servant.  Your sense of humor never ceases to amuse me, and you can still sing like a bell. I love you so much! :)

Ok, back to the update.  We have just recently become independent distributors with Young Living Essential Oils.   We plan on using them for our family, but our main attraction to it was that they're completely natural, and were the original medicine for mankind. Made by God for the purposes of healing.  I don't know a ton about them yet, but we bought some of them and are going to start using them to help Rowan too. Actually, it's mostly for him. I'm really interesting in any info I can find about the oils used in the Bible, why they were used for what, etc.  It seems to make sense that God said to annoint the sick with oils, since now I know that there's healing properties in them that we dont hear much about anymore because of pharmaceuticals. (which I'm not totally against, so don't hear that!).  If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. To be honest, I dont really know anything. But it'd be nice to hear from you anyways.

All the kiddos are doing just fine. No real updates there, life is as usual. Ro is still doing amazingly in therapy. It seems like there's been breakthrough lately!  So many things. He's saying hi to you when you come into the room. He doesn't hit as much when frustrated, and seems to be learning that when we tell him not to do something, there will be consequences if he does. Ash loves pre-school still. Gets so very excited to go. And Bell. Well, she loves to play with Ash's cars as soon as he walks out the door for school. She's so much fun. My little buddy. Have is a grace baby. He loves to be held, but he smiles and coo's most of the time, then goes to sleep. He likes to sleep in the quiet though, so not much sleep happens when the other kids are running around. (His room is off the dining room smack dab in the middle of the house).

Me and Joel had a date night the other night. Got Ruby Tues-to-Go and rented Date Night. Really funny.  Some yucky parts, but if you skip it, you'd never know it was there. And it totally didnt contribute to the plot. We laughed alot. I think Steve Carell is stinking hilarious.

I love the Lord's patience. He is so patient with me. I complain, whine, grumble about my life and 'how hard it is', and He gently brings me back to Him with his cords of lovingkindness.  Just something to think about: How has the Lord been reminding you of His love? Where can you see Him coming through in your life? Think about this too: You're still breathing.

And now, for a little link love.  Some of our closest friends (the pic there is from her blog. Those are her amazingly cute and totally rad kids and hubby) are in the adoption process.  They're in the middle of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. They're doing lots of fundraising things, but since most of you aren't near them, please go to her blog and donate to their fund. Such a worthy cause. These people are some of the most loving parents I've known in my life.  Not to mention Danni, the wife/mom, makes a mean dessert. Totally off topic, but I think you all should know at least one way in which she is totally awesome.

Monday, October 25, 2010

For today...


Outside my window...   it's a typical fall day in NY. The pavement is dark from a night of misting and the leaves are all beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red, and still a few greens. Our property is covered, and of course we don't own a rake.

I am thinking... that I may be the only one earth who loves Mondays. After a long weekend of having all the kids around all the time (I dont know how you moms do the summers with older kids getting out of school!), I am so ready for Ro to have therapy again. Hey, I love my kids, but let's get real here. Breaks are nice.

I am thankful for... our therapist, Val, and our speech guy, Dave. Ro LOVES them both, and they love him. What a blessing to have people who love your kids. And the fact that they come to my house and make him happy while helping him learn; that's pretty freakin awesome.

From the learning rooms... Val is teaching Ro to ride his bike! And they've started getting exposure to the potty too. Slow and steady...

From the kitchen... hmm. Maybe I should think about that. Probably wont though. Sorry, honey.

I am wearing...  my black pj pants, blue fuzzy slippers, a tank with a big pink sweater. I'm cold! We keep our heat at 65.

I am creating... some more Kristina clutches. Haven't sewn in a few days. Not sure it'll happen today either, but I have the pieces cut and just sitting here waiting to be made into a happy little clutch for the next lucky buyer.

I am going... to Hawaii. By myself. With a nice tall margarita and a huge box of chocolate and a fluffy king size bed with a butler and..oh wait. Yeah, that was my dream last night. I guess today I'll stay home.

I am reading... Thin Within. Just read the intro and I'm in the first chapter. Still. I only read before bed and I usually fall asleep after about 6.7 seconds.

I am hoping... That Ro poops today. Dont ask.

I am hearing... Ash talking non-stop. And I almost always love it! He is so social; it seems like he always has to be communicating with someone about something. Even if it doesnt' make any sense. I just love that boy.

Around the house... I just remembered a load of laundry that's been in the washer for 4 days.  So I'm running that through again. And the kitchen sink is full of dishes that smell. But bed is made!

One of my favorite things...  is a nice warm cup of coffee while I catch up on my blog reading.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  My sis Bets and her hubby Andy are coming over today for the night! I love them. And they're bringing us an exercise bike that I plan on using. There, I've said it. Now you all can keep me accountable!  And Joels' bro and his wife Bek are coming for the wedding this weekend, and bringing my niece and nephew who I haven't seen in what feels like ages. So excited to have some quality time with them.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...  I know this pic is a repeat, but when I see it, it reminds me of the Lord and how He loves to do this kind of thing with us. I dont know if you can tell, but both my Hubs and Bell are thrilled with this moment. He loves making her heart excited and knowing that she trusts him completely to catch her. She loves the excitement of flying while knowing that she is totally taken care of and that her father is right there, ready to catch her and maybe even do it again.  I think she loves knowing that it's her Daddy who's making her so happy.  It's a 'joy' moment, for sure. I love those. I think sometimes I really do forget that God wants me to experience joy and happiness in His love.  And to be excited when I'm soaring, knowing that He threw me and he'll catch me too.
**Have a good Monday! And thank the Lord for this day: He made it and it's a gift to you.**

Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Things i love Friday - Decor Edition

1. Although considered a faux pas, I LOVE the black/brown combo on this chair.  If I could remember where I found this, I'd link to it.   Partly because I really want to know what that fabulous black and white fabric is!
2. Lately I have been digging aqua an red together. This pic is a nursery, but I'd love this color combo anywhere. The other thing I really like is the mirror accent.  That is a really cool way to blend antiques in with an otherwise non-antique-y decor and I bet the kids love having a mirror on their level!
3. As I hope you know by now, I am a sucker for color. Lots of it and everywhere and any way possible. Well, I try to keep it in check, but lets just say I havr a problem with color.
4. Are we seeing a trend here?
5.  A dream I have...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space

This is my second time participating in the 'My Creative Space' linkup over at kootoyoo.  This might be one of my favorite linkups ever. Every single person who lists their link has a post about a craft or something that they've been working on, or something that's happening in whatever their Creative space may be.   I've been working on a new clutch design, called the Kristina clutch, named after my pretty sis. 
The second picture is the tool that I use to attach the snaps to the clutch. I'm sure many of you have seen that tool before if you are into making crafts at all.  But for those of you aren't, its a snap-attaching-tool-thingy.  I'm loving this new clutch, and this morning, I'll be working on cutting a few more out and ironing them. Once the pieces are cut, it doesn't take long to finish them, and they are SUPER cute. (so what if I'm biased.) Here is the finished product, which by the way, is up in the shop for sale!:

In other news, I believe I'm overdue on an update! 
Last weekend, the family went to a church picnic at a beautiful park nearby. I love my church.  When Hubs and I brought our brood up to NY for the move, I was nervous about fitting into another church, as we had just gotten comfortable and were in love with our church The Well, down in Charlotte. My fears and worries were of course, totally useless, as fears always are.  Our church here in NY is a family.  So anyway, the picnic was fun. Just sat around the fire while the kids played outside and ate lots of yummy chili.  Here's some pictures of the kids playing outside, for your viewing pleasure.

This past week, we didn't really do much. Mostly just stayed inside and enjoyed being sheltered from the gloomy, rainy NY fall.  But last night, my aforementioned sis, Kris, came for a visit and thats always a delight.  If I could put into words how much I love seeing my family, I'd have a whole lot of words like "awesome, totally rad, sweet, amazingly awesomelicious."
For today, while Ash is at school and Ro is in therapy with the beautiful miss Val, I think Bell and I will read some books, watch a Veggie Tale, and iron some pretty pieces of fabric. 

Enjoy your Thursday, and thank God for this day. He made it, and it's a gift to you. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

For today...

(instead of Make It Monday)

Outside my window...  its dark and chilly. The sun went down at 6:30 pm today! That's the earliest so far. Hopefully it means my kids will fall asleep earlier too. Wishful thinking.

I am thinking... that I can't wait for this Saturday, when I get to spend all day with some friends and family celebrating Ames' bacheloretteness. PF Changs, here we come. Mmmm....lettuce wraps.

I am thankful for... my husband. He holds me up when all I want to do is fall down.

From the learning rooms... Ro is learning about feelings.  And we got approved for Occupational Therapy! Ro has some sensory issues and some fine motor skill delays that need some help. Excited to see how that is gonna go. Ash still loves preschool.

From the kitchen...  I made some yummy peanut butter/butterscotch rice crispy treats. 

I am wearing...  Skinny jeans, a Charlotte tshirt and my black zip up thingy.  Barefoot when sitting, slippers when walking. Hardwood floors in NY in the fall are cold! That, and sometimes I get sick of stepping on raisins and wet rice.

I am creating... a new design for a clutch!! The first went up in my shop today.  What do you think?

I am going... to bed soon. It's only 9, but I'm beat. I think Hubby and I will 'hulu' an episode of The Middle and then I'll call it a night. We got rid of our cable box and I'm so happy we did. We wasted a lot of time hanging out with that thing.

I am reading... Thin Within. It's a life style changing/weight loss plan thingy.  Based on Scripture and our relationship with God. Pretty cool. No point counting.

I am hoping... for so many things. The first thing that popped into my head was that I am hoping our newest endeavor with Ro bears some fruit. We have entered into doing Essential Oils with him.  We have a meeting with a prominent homeopathic doctor on Thursday to begin.

I am hearing... quiet upstairs from the kids rooms. Love that noise.

Around the house... dont even get me started.

One of my favorite things... is sleeping in.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  some meetings. nothing exciting

Here is picture....

Friday, October 15, 2010

5 Things i love Friday - NoThemeAtAll

My morning cup o' jo.
baby H's smile
This pretty desktop background.
I need this reminder.
I think this pin cushion is next on my craft list!