Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Things i love Friday

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1.  Fall in NY. So incredibly beautiful.   I love the chill in the air and the leaves turning orange. I love driving to my hometown and smelling the grapes on the vine.  There's nothing like it on earth, I'm convinced.   I stole this picture from my sisters' blog.

2.  My friends and family. They support us. They love us. They'd do anything to help our son, Ro, succeed and enjoy life.  Much love to you all, for reals, from the bottom of my currently-sleep-deprived and over-emotional heart.

3. Having my sister Krister live a 1.5 hr drive away. We've seen her more in the past 2 months than we have in the 2 years prior! Love it. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

4.  Our TV. Ok, maybe not the 8yr old TV itself, but the fact that I can turn it on and instantly occupy 3 of my children. That has been such a blessing to me in the past few months when life has been less than normal around the Greut house. I really feel like it has been a gift from God to me.   I always told myself I'd be 'one of those moms' who didn't let their kids watch much TV but I tell ya, there's a time and a season for everything.  I'm in a Baby Einstein, Elmo, Veggie Tales video season now. And I dont care who knows it!

5. My house. I seriously love my little cottage in the city. It's small, there aren't enough bedrooms to live comfortably, and the kitchen and bathroom are still mostly ugly but you know what? Ain't no thang. Cuz i really love my house. To have our very own home is amazing.  I've been able to make it totally our own in style and in comfort.  We can have family visit with ease.  Just love it. Thank you, Lord, for our little cozy nest.
(since this photo, some things have changed. Cabinets in kitchn are now white, the globe light fixture was replace with a higher, wrought iron one, and the shelves are now stocked with neatly (ha) organized (double ha) fabric. The white dresser there has brushed nickel knobs and there are curtains up. Hopefully soon I'l be able to post and updated photo!)

What do you love?!


Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

You !!

jenn said...

thanks mom :)

Carla said...

I was totally going to say that, too! I love YOU, Jenn.