Monday, October 25, 2010

For today...


Outside my window...   it's a typical fall day in NY. The pavement is dark from a night of misting and the leaves are all beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red, and still a few greens. Our property is covered, and of course we don't own a rake.

I am thinking... that I may be the only one earth who loves Mondays. After a long weekend of having all the kids around all the time (I dont know how you moms do the summers with older kids getting out of school!), I am so ready for Ro to have therapy again. Hey, I love my kids, but let's get real here. Breaks are nice.

I am thankful for... our therapist, Val, and our speech guy, Dave. Ro LOVES them both, and they love him. What a blessing to have people who love your kids. And the fact that they come to my house and make him happy while helping him learn; that's pretty freakin awesome.

From the learning rooms... Val is teaching Ro to ride his bike! And they've started getting exposure to the potty too. Slow and steady...

From the kitchen... hmm. Maybe I should think about that. Probably wont though. Sorry, honey.

I am wearing...  my black pj pants, blue fuzzy slippers, a tank with a big pink sweater. I'm cold! We keep our heat at 65.

I am creating... some more Kristina clutches. Haven't sewn in a few days. Not sure it'll happen today either, but I have the pieces cut and just sitting here waiting to be made into a happy little clutch for the next lucky buyer.

I am going... to Hawaii. By myself. With a nice tall margarita and a huge box of chocolate and a fluffy king size bed with a butler and..oh wait. Yeah, that was my dream last night. I guess today I'll stay home.

I am reading... Thin Within. Just read the intro and I'm in the first chapter. Still. I only read before bed and I usually fall asleep after about 6.7 seconds.

I am hoping... That Ro poops today. Dont ask.

I am hearing... Ash talking non-stop. And I almost always love it! He is so social; it seems like he always has to be communicating with someone about something. Even if it doesnt' make any sense. I just love that boy.

Around the house... I just remembered a load of laundry that's been in the washer for 4 days.  So I'm running that through again. And the kitchen sink is full of dishes that smell. But bed is made!

One of my favorite things...  is a nice warm cup of coffee while I catch up on my blog reading.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  My sis Bets and her hubby Andy are coming over today for the night! I love them. And they're bringing us an exercise bike that I plan on using. There, I've said it. Now you all can keep me accountable!  And Joels' bro and his wife Bek are coming for the wedding this weekend, and bringing my niece and nephew who I haven't seen in what feels like ages. So excited to have some quality time with them.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...  I know this pic is a repeat, but when I see it, it reminds me of the Lord and how He loves to do this kind of thing with us. I dont know if you can tell, but both my Hubs and Bell are thrilled with this moment. He loves making her heart excited and knowing that she trusts him completely to catch her. She loves the excitement of flying while knowing that she is totally taken care of and that her father is right there, ready to catch her and maybe even do it again.  I think she loves knowing that it's her Daddy who's making her so happy.  It's a 'joy' moment, for sure. I love those. I think sometimes I really do forget that God wants me to experience joy and happiness in His love.  And to be excited when I'm soaring, knowing that He threw me and he'll catch me too.
**Have a good Monday! And thank the Lord for this day: He made it and it's a gift to you.**

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Lora said...

that last bit about bella and joel is really sweet. and such a great analogy of us and God. i needed that today! thanks, friend.