Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm opinionated. Here's why.

I'm on facebook. Alot. Like, way too much. I pretty much leave the page open on my computer and check it every time I walk past (if i'm not preoccupied, of course.)  Some of you could probably say the same.  And I see tons of status updates. I try to read most of them.  Lame? Whatevs.
Here's my point: I have some facebook pet-peeves. Now, if you do one of these things, it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like you or that you even bother me. But maybe sometimes, your updates might. Sorry.

#1 Pet Peeve on FB: Soap Box rants.   I know many of you feel like this is a good place for this, and while maybe it is for you, it's not for me.  I feel like if you're going to try to convince someone of something that you are convicted of, there are better ways.  In my very humble-almost-always-right opinon (just kidding),  people usually either just get offended and are therefore unreachable, or they agree with you and in that case, great but whats the point?  Just to tell people how you feel in a way that is likely to push people's buttons and get them mad at you?

#2 Pet Peeve on FB:  Ambiguous or purposefully vague status updates. Things like "That was interesting." or "I can't even believe this is happening!", "Now I know who my real friends are," or the ever popular "Hmm...." Grr! I dont have time to sit there and wonder what amazingly interesting thing you might be thinking, just tell me already.

#3 Pet Peeve on FB (this one is the most important to me): Visuals. I dont need to know if you're about to go take a shower. I dont want to know your bra color, where you like to 'put your purse', or if 'Katie made out with Johnny last and your SOOOO gonna smack her lol haha o.m.g. ' Consider who is going to see your updates and the kinds of things that Christ would want you to put out there for the world to read.   Do you really need my husband and all other husbands out there to know what color your undergarments are?! I'm guessing no. I try to be careful of these things and I wish other people were too.
(photo borrowed from joyshope)

Ok, done!  But just so you all know, I still love you even if you've done one of my 3 pet peeves. You're not a horrible person, nor are you destined for the place of gnashing of teeth because of your inappropriate or annoying updates.  :) And I hope to some degree, someone giggled at least once while reading. And also, last but not least, I know that my opinions aren't shared by most people and thats ok. But what is a blog without a little opinionated posting?! At least you all dont have to see it on your news feed.


From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Love it!! The bra and "where do you like it" posts that went around this year made me annoyed and blushed. I actually hid people, although I do that for a number of reasons. If they curse in their status updates, I either hide them or delete them. Not judging, but I choose what I want to let my eyes see and ears "hear", and I don't want those words in my head. My biggest pet-peeve right now are the political rants people go on, especially when I think they're totally misguided. If I wanted to see your arguments for why things are such a shambles, I'd join a forum. Facebook should be fun, not frustrating. Thus... my semiannual friends-list purge. Love you!

Lauren G said...

My least favorite facebook status's include. "Hanging with so and so.... or out to coffee with her, her, and her." Even though I am not a jealous person, it usually makes me think..hey why wasn't I invited? I have changed my facebook updates so that I never say things like this so others may feel bad too.

groovetrain said...

You're awesome. This made me proud of you. Strangely, the last time I posted my bra color, I went from 1 friend to 0. Was that you?

Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

Don't hold back Jenn, tell us what you really think! haha, love you. BTW, I agree.