Sunday, April 3, 2011

Make Mine Blue poll...

I need help.  Tell me what you think.  I've got lots of ideas for bags for my shop, but I need to know 4 things:

1.  Should I make my bags reversible? (In doing so, there will likely be bags without pockets.)

2.  Would a bag without pockets be appealing to you if you could turn it inside out and have 2 bags in one? Even without pockets?

3.  Should I make diapers bags?

4.  What other features would be useful to you in a bag/purse?

C'mon, throw all your ideas and thoughts at me!



Here is an example of a reversible bag that I just posted a few days ago in the shop:
This bag has no pockets but has SUPER cute designer fabric on both sides.  Wondering if these kinds of bags would sell?  Let me know whatcha think!  Here's another one:
Lookin forward to hearing your thoughts!


susanna internicola said...

i like the idea of a reversable case one side gets a stain...i can use the other side!! great!! i do however need at least one pocket...for the cell, could you make one pocket on both sides? or is that too much work? love that designer bag with the rectangles....pretty sweet!!

Anonymous said...

My purse has pockets on the outside.. People can put a cell phone in the outside pocket for easy access. Just make the same size pocket with a snap of a little button so it can be closed. Yes make reversable diaper bags. Lacy Ferrell

Anonymous said...

Reusable grocery bags. Most grocery store will give a discount for bringing your own bag. Lacy ferrell

jenn said...

wow guys thanks! great ideas!

Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

You could still put pockets on them, but put a button or snap so when it is on the outside you can still close it. then you will also have one on the inside. I love the aqua rectangle bag!

Melissa said...

You could do a patch pocket in the alternate color. Or the same color. I really enjoy pockets on each end of the purse, that come up a little more than half way up the side of the bag. They are great for slipping your sunglasses or cell phone into.

Jessa said...

I agree with the pockets ideas from these ladies! My favorite purses also have a pocket or two on the outside for cell/sunglasses. Cute purses, Jen!