Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Advice taken!!! I am proud and very excited to announce that make mine blue will soon be stocking reversible hobo bags and reversible diaper bags! Yay! Thanks for all the input, I really do appreciate it!
I've been rather obsessive about searching Etsy for some yummy yardage to add to my cart for the new bags. They take lots more fabric than the bags I've been making due to the size and the added pockets.  Can I just say something?


A little too much. Ok. Alot too much.

Here's something I've discovered. I always, always, every single time, gravitate towards bright colored prints.  I will pass by anything brown, tan or cream ANY day of the week in order to get to the magenta or lime green goodness that awaits.   A friend of mine recently said to me, "Hey, I'd love to buy a bag from  your shop but do you have any fabrics that aren't so, um, bright and crazy!?" Ha! So I guess you will also be seeing more subdued patterns coming. Especially for diaper bags in order to make them more gender neutral.  I will also warn you that I'm not interested in making a diaper bag that looks like everyone else's.  You won't be seeing much of this:

or this:
You will, however, be seeing some like this!:
and this:
(both of those last two photos are from my favorite bag shop: Retrofied.)
Of course, I won't be totally copying anyone's original designs, as I will surely add my own 'Jenn' flair! But I love how those two bags are versatile and not obviously a diaper bag. I feel like the first two pictures are very 'diaper bag'ish. Not a bad thing, but it ain't what I'm going for, y'alls. 

I hope you like what I come up with!


Lora said...

i LOVE that last bag!

Jessa said...

Can't wait to see what you design! :)

Tom Lacy said...

I'm with Lora, I like the last bag! I'm so excited about this! : )

Betsy said...

Hi Jenn,
I am looking for a diaper bag. For a baby girl! I would love to see and buy one! thanks, bets

jenn said...

@Betsy, betsy who!? Betsy H or my sister? tell me, i can't stand the suspense!! and if its betsy h, does that mean what I think it means?! and if this is some random Betsy that I don't actually know, thats cool too! :)