Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Magnetic Memo Boards

Happy day, readers!! And welcome to your weekly DIY post. This week, we're going to make some super cheap, frugal, memo boards from supplies you have at your house,  and a 2 pc. burner cover set from the Dollar Store. That's right, you heard me. THE DOLLAR STORE. Go get them, come back, and we'll get started. One dollar for 2 burner covers. I got mine at the Dollar Tree. Here's your supplies to gather:

Spray paint -(or not! Only if you want your the little ring around the outside to be a certain color. You could just leave it if you want!)
Mod Podge
Foam paint brush
Fun scrapbook paper
Hammer and nail
Ribbon or embroidery floss

 1. Ok first step.  Hammer 2 holes in each burner cover through which to pull your ribbon for hanging your memo boards.  (Or you can drill bigger holes if you want to use ribbon. I liked the look of embroidery floss).  I space the wholes about 4 inches apart.

2.Next, take your burner covers outside and give them a good even coat of spray paint in the color of your choosing. I love white, so I always do white.  Wait for that coat to dry (about 20 minutes or more, depending on the humidity), then put a 2nd coat on and let dry.

3. Put your embroidery floss through the holes, and tie in a knot for your desired length.  

4. For the next step, we'll cut the paper out. I use a very scientific method. Here goes. Flip it upside and down and trace. :)
I cut mine a bit smaller than the top of the burner cover so I could have a tiny white border around the outside of my memo boards.

5. Make sure your circle fits. Next, grab your foam brush and put a dime-sized clump of mod podge on there.  Then, go ahead and put a thin, even coat of mod podge on the top of the cover.  Quickly but carefully adhere your paper to the top, starting at one side, pressing down evenly across to prevent bubbles.  Wait for this coat to dry before moving on to the next step.

6.  Once that coat is dry, we coat the top of the paper with Mod Podge. One light, even coat. Then, wait for that to dry and do one more coat.  If you don't wait for the coats to dry, the paper will bubble up and that's not so pretty! And we WANT pretty, right?!
7. Hang it up! I put mine next to my very sad, lonely inspiration board. (I guess I'm not that inspired right now...)

Well, looks like we're done! Grab your magnets, or go buy some cute ones, and use your new cute memo boards. Can you even believe how easy that was?!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! I love it love it love it!!

Your long lost pal Lynda M...

Lora said...

so creative, jenn! :) i love it!

susanna internicola said...

great idea jenn! thanks for sharing!