Thursday, August 11, 2011

House progress...

Thought I'd post an update on how the house is coming along for all of my faithful blog readers! So, thanks to both of you for reading, and here it is.
It rained like the dickens almost all day yesterday, so we didn't get too far with the front of the house. I did manage to scrape the entire skirt under the front porch, so now we are ready to prime! I'll be starting that today, if my scraping job gets approved by the boss (Joel.) :)
Here's what it looks like right now.
This is where the mailbox will be going. That little spot is all primed and ready to be painted!
And check this out. This is the corner of the house where we found some rotted wood from water damage. Gotta love old houses. I'm so thankful Joel is handy and can fix this with no problem. If it were left to me, I'd be filling that sucker in with some play-dough.

The house is going to stay the same color, but with fresher look! All the trim will eventually be white, though, which is going to make the house look super sweet.

*Come back tomorrow for the DIY Friday post! *

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Lora said...

can't wait to see it painted! it's gonna look amazing. i remember when we lived in our old house in atlanta. it was an older house and we painted it bright white. i COULD NOT BELIEVE how much better it looked! so fresh and clean. i know you're so excited!