Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Pom-Pom Garland and Coupon Code

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I have a SUPER easy DIY for you guys and the readers over at today.  Almost kinda like 'duh' easy.  But hang with me here...
I know many of you are probably thinking that you've been making these pompoms since grade school, but maybe some of you haven't learned yet?!
On that note, ta-da! Super easy home decor for any time, season, and occasion. I use them for decoration for parties, for wrapping gifts, or for putting on the top of a kids winter hat. Remember those big old hats we wore as kids? My favorite one was a purple Welch's hat with a fat pom pom on top.
Moving on.
Ok, go get your supplies. Grab a pen, this is a long list:


Pick the first color you want, find the end of the yarn, and wrap it around your fingers (or another hard object like a piece of cardboard cut to the size you want), like in the picture below. The more fingers you use, the bigger the pom-pom will be. And the more times you go around the fingers, the fuller it will be.

Wrapping around 2 fingers makes my favorite size. I like me a nice full pom-pom.
Ok, when you've wrapped it around lots of times, slide it off of your fingers carefully, and wrap the yarn around the middle of your bunch.
Pull it nice and tight, and then tie a knot to secure it. Now, grab your scissors and cut through the loops on both sides of your bunch.

Puff it up by pulling the hairs to make it 'pom-pom'ish, and give it a trim!  Keep cuttin' til it looks nice and full.

Ok, keep on going with as many colors as you want until you've got enough for your garland! I made about 25 pompoms and spaced them about 3 inches apart for the garland you'll see in the last photo. But first, we need to tie them all together. So here's what you do.
Cut a long piece of yarn about 6-10  inches longer than the length you want it to be when you're done. Then, beginning about 2 inches in, wrap the yarn around your first pompom, right in the middle of it, and tie a knot nice and tight. 
 Now, pull all the hairs around and fluff it up so you can't see where you tied it.  Continue this until you've got all your pompoms tied onto your long piece of yarn!  You can tape your garland up, or make little loopy's on the end and slip it on some pushpins..whatever tickles your fancy.  And voila.

Shut the front door!! You've got super cheap, cute, versatile decor! (I rhymed).

This is what mine looks like in my doorway. I'm in lalalove!
Have fun!
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