Monday, August 8, 2011

My back is mad at me.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day weeding the front 'garden'. I SO wish I had gotten a picture of the monstrous bed of weeds, but just picture piece of yard, 16 feet by 8 feet (or so) of weeds, some up to your knee. Not even a spot of ground that was free of weeds. Oy. So, I grabbed my trusty pitchfork and shovel, and went for it.
Nobody ever told me gardening was an olympic sport.
Ok, it's not, but it should be. Holy cow. I was sweating like a pig and my whole body aches today.
After all the weeds were out, my mother in law came over to help me lay that black tarp stuff down, and then cover it with mulch. (Of course, the handsome husband helped with that part too. Can't forget him.) :)
And ta-da!! My new front yard!

Later today, Joel will be hanging our new mailbox, and I will hopefully begin scraping paint off the front of the house.  It's gonna get a fresh coat of paint! Here's our old mailbox. I think the previous homeowner made it:

And here's where it was. Needs to be repaired and painted:

Eventually, I'll tackle all of that ugly crab grass growing in and around the sidewalk. I just can't bring myself to use Round Up because my kids play out there. So, back down on the ground I go.

We have a bunch of other projects we're working on to. The kitchen is almost done (yay!) and the bathroom is also in the works. As of now, in the kitchen, the walls are getting a make over. Right now, there is this lovely formica stuff that's been there since the 60s. We're covering that up with some beaded board. Can't wait! Then, I'm saving up for some butcher block counter tops. We'll see if that ever happens though. It seems like there's always more important stuff to do/get.
The entire bathroom needs a facelift, but mostly the shower. The tiles keep falling off the shower wall. Seriously. There's a big whole. Luckily, it's been covered with plastic for months but it's in need of the new plastic surround we bought. I'll show pics when it's all done!
And of course, I have lots of decorating ideas that I need to gather gumption to do. Here's some of my ideas:
I want to paint a bench to stick in my new front yard. And I'm in love with this blue!

this is what Bella and Asher's room will look like, once I start. And probably minus most of the pink, since a boy does live in there.

I've got to add some open shelving to the wall in the dining room above my buffet. I'll show you when it's done! but dont you love this?!

In other news. I'm sure you remember my fondness for the Cosby Show. I watch it every evening while I decompress from the day. I'm very sad to say this but...I'm on the last episode!! :/ What will I do now?
I need suggestions for shows that are just like that one; funny, old school, clean. Just good fun. C'mon, give me all your ideas!!


susanna said...

looks great jenn!! so worth it!!

Lora said...

looks great, jenn! :) and i love all your ideas - esp love that aqua bench. so happy and bright.

Amanda said...

Love the pics! Keep them coming bc I love to see what other people are doing bc it gives me ideas too! Love the bedroom pics and can't wait to see what you do :) Maybe when you are finished you can come do Ayden's room! I have been doing the same landscaping stuff too ... I think we both deserve a day at the spa. Don't you?!?

jenn said...

@amanda, absolutely! i'll meet you there! that sounds like heaven....