Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY T-shirt Headbands

Happy Friday, folks! I have possibly the easiest DIY yet for you today: headbands made from a tshirt. NO SEWING. Can you even believe I just said that?

Let's get started. Go get your supplies:


First, cut your hem off of the bottom, like so.
Then, cut off a strip as wide as you want your headband to be. I usually do about 2 inches, but you can totally do more or less!
Guess what.

You're done! That is it. Seriously. No, I'm serious. That's it. Just pick up your strip of fabric, wrap it around your head, tie a knot or a pretty bow, and voila. Easiest. Headband. EVER.

I like to do a knot and tuck the ends in sometimes, too, for a more sophisticated look. (As sophisticated as you can be with a strip of a t-shirt on your head.)

But still, it's awesome and super duper comfy. Have fun! Go get all of your old tshirts and cut away! Also super cute for little girlies and babies.

Thanks for hangin!


Rebekah said...

Ok, yes, yes, it's a super great idea, but YOU are stinkin cute!! I love your hair color(s)!!!

Lora said...

great idea! :)