Friday, January 6, 2012

New picture wall!

Without the pictures!
So I was surfing on Pinterest sometime during the past 100 bazillion times I've surfed Pinterest, and I found this photo.
How cute is that? Seriously cute. And i looked at it an instantly I knew in my heart...this...was meant to be. In my home. On my wall, forever and ever amen.

This is what my wall previously looked like. Snooze McGee.

So, I got my hands on lots of frames. I already had several, and I bought a few more at the thrift store. My sweet grandma got the kids a little chalkboard for Christmas, and I already had the paint!
I got to work.
Painted, waited, more paint, wait. Measuring, leveling, mapping out, etc.  Finally, I felt like I had enough frames ready.  Got them up on the wall.
Seemed like something was missing. It just wasn't enough awesomeness, am I right? I wasn't satisfied. So I looked around my house for more un-used or waiting-for-a-new-purpose frames and found 2 more plus a cute little hoop. VOILA!

I am so pleased! I love it. And the kids like the chalkboard more than before because now they get to take it off the wall and use it, then put it back to display their masterpiece.  And I just LOVE being able to put my kids school stuff on the wall, instead of the fridge, where it often gets lost in the mix of calanders, pictures, etc.

I've been working on lots of other projects as well, like finishing the kids rooms and my office. It's coming along, but slowly. You may have noticed my extended absence from blogging (again.), oops. I was going NUTS making all the Christmas gifts I had committed myself to! Made one for every family member, except a few of the kids. It was so fun, but sure was time consuming.

For the kids room, I hung up a few pieces of art that I made, and one that I just printed from the Interwebs, and then I made this garland. And then this. (the pic is the one I was inspired by.)

It is so cute.  As soon as I finish the boys duvet covers, I'll post the before/after. I know you are all on the edge of your seats!
Some amazing news happened amidst all the crazy though! I am an aunt for the very first time, on my side of the family! My big sis, Bets, had her first baby, Maggie, on Christmas day! Mommy and baby are doing fine, although a bit sleep deprived, but as soon as that passes, I'm excited to see how much they enjoy life together.  So happy for that cute little family! And I have to say, it's fun to be an aunt. :)

Bless you guys! see ya when I see ya.



Lora said...

looks awesome, jenn! :) glad you blogged. miss you! and congrats again on being an aunt. that's wonderful news! love you, lora

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