Monday, January 3, 2011

The Headboard and Snowmen

In that order! My husband is a romantic.  He knows that I love when he builds me stuff.  But since he doesn't have much time to do it, I never expect it. That's what made this gift so sweet.  My mom gave us an old door months ago, and I mentioned "hey, that'd make a sweet headboard." And there it sat, in our garage, for months. Just waiting. I thought of many projects it could be used for: a bench, a toy chest, a headboard, and an actual door (to put in between the kitchen and dining room as a blockade for the children when Mommy needs some alone cooking time).  

Christmas morning came around, and after I opened my several small gifts Joel got me on Etsy (I HEART ETSY!!), he told me to wait about 10 minutes and then go in our room.  My first thought was , "Oh, he must have finally finished the project he started for me LAST Christmas!" But nope. Something even cooler. (sorry honey, I know those lamps will be really cool someday.) :)
Pretty awesome, huh? Love it.

A few days ago, my sweet Mother in Law took Asher and Bella outside and built some snowmen. Although not abnormal to see this around here this time of year, still very cute. Snapped some shots and here ya go.
Introducing Willy Melt and Betty Won't. 

PS I won a contest! Or more precisely, ASHER won! Go check it out here.


affectioknit said...

What a sweet headboard - and I loved the little old man photo...too cute!

Jacob and Lacy Ferrell said...

Girl...I love the headboard! Joel, you are awesome....Lacy Ferrell

Lora said...

i love it!! your bed looks so pretty. what a guy! :)
and congrats on winning that candle! that picture of asher is so funny!!

Jacob and Lacy Ferrell said...

wait did he use an old door??

jenn said...

lacy yeah he did! he's awesome!

Liz Carey said...

Very pretty! One day I hope to have a headboard and maybe a bed frame too!