Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Friend: The Pincushion

My sister made me a new super cute pincushion for Christmas. She lives very far away. Much too far away, if you ask me.  She spends much of her time away from us, and I'm always sad to see her leave. I was thinking about her today and then began to chat with her, ("don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day." Name that movie and you get a bazillion lollipops)  in hopes of reminding her that I am hilarious and she can have a reminder of that anytime.
Here is what happened next; featuring The Pincushion.
(A million dollars goes to whoever can guess what I'm doing in each photo).

She laughed alot. Made me happy. I love you, sis.


Jessa said...

Too cute Jen! Garr quotes Napolean (and his family) regularly around here! :) Is it a scented pincushion - lavender maybe? Hugs to you guys and Happy New Year!

susanna said...

it is cute! have no idea what you are doing....smelling it??

groovetrain said...

In order, here's what you're doing:
1) liking
2) SURPRISingly liking
3) wafting suspiciously
4) dodging attack
5) picture 4 dodge fail (dead)

jenn said...

Joel, I will send out your million dollars tomorrow. To our house. That's so awesome that I'm getting a million dollars too. From myself. Wait. Crap.

Carolina said...

how did i miss so many postings? i've been waiting --- and finally saw the one from today! so, now i'm catching up and you're getting all kinds of comments from me! i love the pincushion, the snowmen and that beautiful headboard!!!