Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Kate

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I have a dear friend and her name is Danni. Actually, it's Danielle, but I stopped calling her that after I saw the title of her blog: "Danni's Song".   If you're in the mood to go see pictures of one adorable and amazing family of 7, go there and look. You won't be disappointed.

Speaking of family, there's a reason I'm talking about my sweet friend! She and her awesome husband, Jason, are awaiting the final steps in their adoption of a child from Ethiopia, whom they have already named Baby Kate. (Isn't that so pretty?! Go figure they'd pick the cutest possible name!)  This couple has prayed, warred, prayed, thought and talked about this process so much and have been waiting patiently and expectantly to hear the news that they are now officially ready to adopt their new little angel.

However, as any parent of an adopted child knows, the process is costly! And that's an understatement. My friends are in need of quite a large sum in not so much time, so here's what I'm asking of all you dear readers. Two things:

1. Go to my shop and buy something.  For the months of December and January, 30% of all of my sales will be going towards bringing Baby Kate home. What a wonderful cause! And if you guy something as a gift for someone, you will be able to say "Some of the proceeds of that sale went towards the adoption of a child from Ethiopia to a very deserving family." How cool to sow into that!

2.  Go to their blog and donate via the Paypal button on the left side of the screen. There's a sweet little chart there showing how much they've earned.

I hope you can all go and bless this family. For reelz. And if you can't give financially, pray for them in this hard season of waiting.

Bless you all!!

PS I haven't forgotten about that DIY project I promised. Stay tuned...

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