Monday, December 20, 2010

for today...

Outside my window... it is a beautiful winter morning. My town really is pretty in the winter.  We are right on Lake Ontario, and the land is very hilly (it's a word if i say it is.), and so even though that makes it hard to drive in the winter, it's so pretty to look at that it makes it ok.  Joel shoveled our whole driveway yesturday so I am currently looking at a clear path out to the road. Thank you, Joel. You're a good man.

I am thinking... I would do pretty much anything for a Klondike bar right now.
I am thankful for... God's grace and renewed strength. These past few days have been particularly difficult with Ro, and since I enlisted the prayers of a few friends, I felt more grace today to be the mom I'm called to be. It's intense though.

From the learning rooms...Ro is on break from ABA with the lovely Val and the wonderful Holly, but the speech dude Dave still comes til Thursday.  He's been a bit cranky because when he doesn't have therapy as much, he gets bored. Real bored. Like, crazy, cranky, irritable bored. Anybody wanna babysit for like a week so I can go to the beach? Sweet.

From the kitchen.. Nothing. As usual. :) Although Joel did make some U.S. Senate soup today.

I am wearing...  jammies and my Gramps' old sweater that my mom crocheted him forever ago

I am creating... I just finished ALL of my Christmas presents! I made everyone in my family a handmade gift of some kind. So excited for them to all get their presents. Not to toot my own horn, but I haven't even thought about what I'm getting as gifts. And, I made this really cute bag! It's up in the shop.

I am going... to bed early tonite. After I finish wrapping all the aforementioned gifts.

I am reading... the Facecrack.

I am hoping... that I feel His new mercies tomorrow.

I am hearing...Joels' wierd sci-fi show.

Around the house... I have almost NO Christmas decor up. I bought a tiny 12 inch tall tree at Goodwill and I put next to my nativity scene up on top of our TV cabinet. I am all about keeping things out of my kids' reach. Not interested in fighting any new battles right now, thank you very much.

One of my favorite things... is listening to Bell and Ash play and laugh in their room before bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  try to relax a little, take a break from sewing, have Christmas at Mark and Laurens on Christmas Eve and then head to my parents for a couple days. REALLY looking forward to that! Haven't seen a few of my siblings in what feels like an eternity. Yeah Rob, I'm talking to you.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This is the newest trend on Etsy right now. Awesomesauce.


susanna said...

i just bought klondike bars the other day!! yum!!

Amy Pasinski said...

love the approach you took to get your thoughts out there.

simple beauty in words.