Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Creative Space

Prior to Christmas, I was a sewing, crafting freakazoid.  I took on way too many custom orders for the shop, and committed (to myself) to make every single person on my side of the family a handmade gift. Yeah, with 4 young kiddos, that was an "interesting" few weeks. But I did it. With a lot of Veggie Tales, many a pricked finger and some fabric glue messes, I did it.  And here are a few photos of the fruits of my labor (I forgot to take photos of most of the gifts. Note to self: Duh.) :

And here's a couple of bags that made it into the shop right before Christmas. These are the ones I made with my yummilicious fabric.  
BAG #1

(this bag is reversible!)

BAG #2

(this one is reversible too!!)

I have to admit. When I made these bags, I wanted to keep them. Still do. They're so incredibly pretty, and you get two bags in one. Just a little push for my lil' ol' shop. And dont forget: for December and January, 30% of my shop proceeds go towards the adoption of Baby Kate from Ethiopia into the Thompson family.

And now, some photos from our Christmas vacation! I stole all of these from other people because 1) I never remember my camera and 2) People take better photos than me.
Christmas #1 at the Greuts:
Grandma, Bell, Aunt Ames and Banana
our yummy dinner table being prepared
Christmas #2 at Blakefield
Aunt Kris snuggles with the Bell
Gerber baby
I like her.
wrestling with an unsuspecting aunt Bets
And there you have it. The longest blog post ever seen.  Hope you enjoyed. :)


Pamela said...

You surely have been busy. I'm not sure I could have accomplished that as a young mother. You are amazing, Jenn. I hope you have time to catch your breath!

From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Aw! I love the one of H. in Uncle Handsome's Santa hat! LOL i have a pretty beautiful family!

susanna said...

love that pink purse....that fabric is indeed pretty sweet!! you are awesome jenn...and i love that santa! what a cutie!!

Lora said...

those aprons are so beautiful. i really love the first one! great job. :)