Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Happy Froopsday! (I will give a million dollars to the person who can name that movie).  I'm sitting here drinking a scalding cup of coffee for probably the only 5 minutes I will sit down all day.  Last night, baby H woke up twice, which was ok. In fact, I kind of like nursing in the night. I sit on the couch with my laptop and cruise around Etsy, pray, or watch a short show on Hulu til he falls back asleep. It's really a good time for me.  If you think that's wierd, live a day in my shoes. Or slippers. Because thats what I wear, since I never leave my house. (Not complaining, just sayin.)

But I digress.

Because of all this Giveaway business, my wheels are turning and I got an idea! I want to do a swap! Any crafters out there interested in trading with me? I can make a bag, nursing cover, wipes case, or whatever is somewhat equal in value to what YOU want to trade. I did this one before with someone on Etsy and it was fun! I gave her a bag, she made my little girl a cute little dress. Loved it. Who's in?!

In family news, we had a really good time last week with some close friends! We had a small little get-together for dinner and some white elephant gifting.  I know we all had fun, and I think the kids really had a blast.  I do believe we've found an annual tradition!

Have a  good day, and don't forget to go over and check out all the great giveaways at SewMamaSew!


Em said...

It looks like a bunch of fun! I love just getting together. Where is that room with the really cool ceiling? How neat!

jenn said...

Yes, yes to the swap.... sign me up!

Carolina said...

we had a blast too --- so glad we could join in the fun & be special guests! :)

hope we can catch up soon --- i'm SOO stopping by when the kids go back to school and we're both without our 3yo's!

Lindsay Conner said...

Cannot name the movie... but...

Make Mine Blue... Would you be interested in swapping links? I added you to my Blog sidebar Let me know! lindsay.conner(at)gmail(dot)com