Friday, December 17, 2010

My husband thinks I'm a freak...

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I am ridiculously giddy. Again. Does it have anything to do with fabric? Why yes, it does.  Some amazing fat quarters arrived in the mail, and my mouth literally watered as I gazed upon the glory.  That is why my husband thinks I'm a freak. 

Here are photos of the treats that my new best friend, The Mail Guy, dropped off today.

 Can you even handle it?! I knew it - you are all freaking out too.  It's THAT great. I will be making lots of Buttercup Bags and Kristina Clutches with this stuff. Some of the Buttercup bags are going to be reversible. Do you know what means? Yeah, two bags in one, baby!!

Ok. Time to calm down. The kids are starting to think Mommy might have a problem.


Amanda said...

That's alright. I was trying to explain to my husband about blogging. I got to the part about how you get followers and he goes Oh like a cult.? Yes hunny. A hot gluing, sewing, baking cult. That's it.


Lora said...


Beth said...

I don't sew or craft and that picture makes ME giddy! Gorgeous stuff.

Saw your blog on IAMTHATLADY and wanted to say hi!

Nicole Liewer said...

Ooooo! I'm totally in love with the 3rd set! The colors are amazing!!!! Jenn, you make me want to sew, sew, sew! Wish I had more time!

jenn said...

@Nicole, go check out the shop! There's a bag posted out of one of those fabrics!