Monday, January 10, 2011

I have a good excuse

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have a really great reason. Well, a not so good reason, but then a great reason after that.

On Thursday night, I woke up in the night to feed Haven and felt rather nauseous. Then throughout Friday, I was feeling gross too but was getting better as the day went on. I was really bummed though, because Friday night, Joel and I were supposed to go have a 'night away' while my in-laws watched our kids.  I had been looking forward to this for weeks. No kidding. One night away, and an entire Saturday with no kids sounded like heaven.  So you can imagine how bummed I was when I got sick for the first time in months on the worst possible day.  Well thankfully, I did feel well enough Friday evening to take my in-laws up on their offer and so off we went, on our romantic weekend away!

And by "away", I mean that Joels' parents let us spend the night and Saturday at their empty house. Sure, may not sound that exciting to you, but to us, it was VERY exciting. We went over to their house Friday night, watched Inception (which is a whole other blog post) by a roaring fire in the fireplace, then went to bed.  Slept in til 9ish, went to a local diner for breakfast, to Lowe's to pick out the new flooring for our kitchen (we found one we both love! SCORE!), then back to the Inn. Here's the kicker for me, and honestly my favorite part of the whole day (other than being with Joel of course).       I took a (wait for iiiiiiit......)


Are you a mom? Are you sleep deprived? Do you dream of the day when you can have a full night's sleep? Do you wake up to screaming children only to realize that you just fell asleep and haven't even had a dream yet? Do you wake up 136 times in the night to nurse a baby who doesn't understand that you don't function well on less than 3 hours of sleep? When was the last time you took a nap longer than 20 minutes or when you didn't have to say to your husband "wake me up when your lunch break is over"? For me, it's been about 4 years.

Yeah. Felt good.

Woke up whenever the heck I wanted to, we went to Walmart (without rushing!), came home and watched an episode of Psych together, then went out to dinner to our favorite place; Ruby Tuesday.  We seriously go there pretty much every time we have a date night and have yet to be disappointed.   I still wasn't feeling 100% so i didnt eat tons but guess what? Leftovers RULE!  And nothing beats good conversation. I love my husband. He is a romantic.  He is in love with me. He thinks I'm hot. I feel really blessed.

We really needed our little day away.  Gonna have to figure out how to make that a more regular occurance.  Anyone insane enough to come watch all 4 kids for an entire day sometime in April? :)

In other news, stay tuned. I've had many requests for the story about how Ro got diagnosed and that whole season of our lives. Sometime this week I'll be doing a not-so-humorous-but-honest-post on that.

And because I simply cannot post without a picture of some kind, here's the newest additions to the shop:

You should probably go buy those. They're both made from designer fabrics and are very nice. If I do say so myself.


Carlaflower said...

Jenn, that sounds amazing! what a blessing to be able to have that little break...and a NAP to boot! we just discovered Psych a few months ago and are DVRing every episode we can get our hands on, we LOVE it!

Amy Pasinski said...

love! we do an overnight every year and do the same sort of stuff. sleep, hang out, go to dinner, sleep, sit in a hot tub, sleep, watch a movie. it's so amazing. we should be able to do it more often...i like your idea. now, who to babysit? and we love ruby tuesdays. i could live off thier salad bar. at first, i thought u were going to say you were pregnant, ha! glad you had a romantic, carefree, wonderful weekend....and a nap :)

Lora said...

sounds like so much fun!! i'm so happy you and joel got to do that. i wanna hear about inception too. i wanna see that movie. love you! lora

Jessa said...

That is awesome Jenn! I totally was laughing as I read your post. Some great friends of ours kept all of our kids overnight New Year's and we had the best time! We went out to dinner (Pig's Fly - where we usually go if we get a chance to go out!), did a little kid-less shopping and came home, sat by the fire and watched re-runs of some of our favorite shows :) (which we rarely get a chance to watch uninterrupted!) and then slept in! It was awesome. Your relationship with Joel sounds very similar to mine and Garr's :) I wish we lived closer - it would be fun to hang out sometime. So happy for you guys :) Hugs!

susanna said...

PTL!!! i'm sooooo happy for you guys!! finally. that's all i have to say.

Liz Carey said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you too! A nap is a wonderful gift... oh yeah and so is time alone with your husband. :)

Carolina said...

love, love, love that you went out, enjoyed it and took a NAP! go momma!! & i'm looking forward to your post on inception - we just watched it this weekend & we too go to Ruby's whenever we have date night!!