Saturday, June 11, 2011

What NOT to do with a coffee table.

If you live in a small space,  do not, under any circumstance or for any reason,  paint your coffee table bright emerald green. I repeat, do not paint your coffee table (the central point of focus when you walk in the room) bright emerald green. This would be a mistake and I'm warning you before you do it. DONT.

Not that I know this from experience, because who would be crazy enough to do that?

Sorry about the quality of the photo. Had to use flash in order to get the essence of the green.

So I really do love that green. But not on the coffee table.  Today, I painted that thing black again and decided to bring the green in with the pillows, a picture frame and a little vase.  Once I finish the room, I'll post a pic of the 'after' gorgeosity.  But I think I might permanently have cramping in my finger from all the spray painting I've been doing...and hopefully haven't lost too many brain cells from the fumes...

Hey, anyone out there have any vintage little girl dresses, size 3 and up? I'm looking for some of those for Bella. I think they're so stinking cute!  Leave me a note if you do but be aware. I can't pay you. Your payment will be knowing that the most amazing, cutest little girl on the planet is going to make your dress look even cuter.

I love weekends! Enjoying my days with my family and taking advantage of the beautiful weather outside. Ro and Ash are particularly interested in bubbles of all kinds and sizes, and Bell is a bit obsessed with swinging on our new (very old) swingset. I love my kids!

Happy weekend!


From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Sorry about the green table:( You know I'm scaredy cat when it comes to color, so I admire your guts to even try it! :) And the fact that you managed to paint something while still raising 4 5 and under. You're amazing!

T said...

have you tried using those spray can trigger attachments? looks like a gun? very nice, and easy on the finger. check it out next time you spray...they're only a few bucks.