Friday, June 3, 2011

5 Random Things Friday

1.  I have 13 tabs open in Mozilla.

2.  I am painting my living room grey, my coffee table Kelley Green and making new slipcovers. Yay for redecorating! Go ahead, all you Durand-ers. Laugh at me. This is what I do for fun. It's gonna be along these lines:

and because I love this style and this room, you can count on there being something bright pink somewhere in my living room.
3.  Bella is potty training herself. Just pooped on the potty yesterday without even telling us. She got 20 chocolate chips and a huge bowl of ice cream for doing that.

4.  Asher hates chocolate anything.

5.  Haven is sleeping 12 hours straight at night and still naps well.  Am I in heaven?

Happy weekend! :)


Rebekah said...

i love #3. youre hilarious!
i cant wait for number 5 to visit my house.

randi said...

a kid who potty trains herself deserves a full bag of chocolate chips. good for her!

Mandy said...

I am in the process of painting my living room 2 shades of gray (I'm painting the wood paneling a darker shade) and I'm accenting with kelly green! What??? And here I thought I was being so original! I love your blog. It makes me smile.

Lora said...

you make me smile. i love that you have 13 tabs open... :)