Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm gonna lose it.

At least, it sometimes feels that way. Holy cow.  I've been having one of those days where you tell your kids in a nice, gentle and calm voice to please stop hitting each other over the heads with tractors and stop smashing the toy bus on the floor because it's gonna wake the baby.  Then, when they don't, you find yourself almost biting your tongue off in an effort not to yell. I know that must happen to you all too, right?! Most times, I fail at the whole not-yelling thing. Usually the yelling happens when I physically cannot get up to enforce or discipline said behavior.   Then the apologizing and hugging comes shortly after. From both parties.

Two things I'm going to do today to recover from this morning:
1. Start painting my living room greyish white.
2. Have a bonfire at the in-laws.

On another note, last night, I went shopping for some necessities (candy, a swiffer, ya know, the important stuff),  and I saw a rug that I absolutely had to have. I'm going to put it in one of the kids bedrooms, which I will be painting white soon.  That's gonna be an awesome before/after post that I can't WAIT to show you. It may or may not include a bright yellow dresser re-do.  The reason I mention this: There have only been 4 things in my life that I can think of that I absolutely HAD to have when I saw them:

1. Joel.
2. A pink sweater from JCPenney.
3. My house.
4. This rug.

I'm dead serious.  Ridiculous? Maybe, but if you've ever seen my husband, you'd understand. He's hot. And the sweater? Still cute, 7 years later. (As is #1). My house is the cutest little cottage in existence that is quickly becoming my favorite place on earth. And this rug...*sigh*...I wish I could have one in every room. No joke.  Just wait til you see it. And guess what I got it for? $27.00!

TWENTY SEVEN FLIPPIN BUCKS. At, of all places, Big Lots.

(sorry Big Lots. You aren't usually this awesome.)

And for your viewing pleasure, some before/afters of the chairs I painted!

After! There are two like this in my kitchen now
after! Also, two of these in my dining room. Will take a room pic once everything is done and put together! Still have to finish some chairs.
Fun, right? I'm obsessed. 
And I don't think I will lose it. As long as I can eat that can of Pringles in my cupboard, I should be ok. 


susanna internicola said...

jenn you are hilarious!!!
i love you!

Lora said...

we're so much alike, my friend. i just ate a pringle right before i read your blog. and i am dying to find a new rug for my living room. $27?! at big lots?!! i have to go check them out here. maybe i'll find one too. i love what you're doing - the chairs look awesome. can't wait to see the finished product!

Jessa said...

Jenn - you make me laugh!!! Love your posts! :)