Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letter to Rowan

Today is June 29th, 2011. You have come so very far in the last year since we moved to Oswego. The ABA therapy that you have had every day has begun to bring you out of your shell. Life has been difficult for you thus far, but thanks to the Lord and his faithfulness, you are beginning to step into the normal world. Slowly but surely, you are coming out of autism!  From the day you started having the therapists visit and play with you, and push your buttons, you've been improving and dealing with life much better. You have learned how to cope with changes around you, and with people or things that bother you. You used to scream, hit, yell, throw things, and now, you just say 'no thank you'. And if it doesn't stop, you either move on, or deal with it. Wow, just amazing! YOU are amazing. We rejoice daily watching you grow.
You can ask for things you want, say 'no thank you' when you don't want something. You're even attempting spontaneous sentences! You know more content than a 6 year old kid who doesn't have any special needs! You are very very smart. Everyone is amazed by how smart you are. You can count by 5s, and 10s, all the way to 100! You know all of your colors, numbers, shapes, animals and their sounds, you can match things, point out what things are different in a  set of like objects…just amazing.  And another thing we just discovered....
We're pretty sure you have perfect pitch.
And you can keep a beat! Just plain amazing.  Even if the music is complicated and crazy, you keep the beat.
You are also starting to want to play with other kids, at least with Asher and Bella. That is such a joy to us. Little by little, you are learning how to do things that will make your life much easier down the road.  I know that you understand more than we think you do, and that you will remember all that we've said and done for you. We pray that you'll remember the way we've invested in you spirutually, as well as educationally. You are so precious to the Lord.
Just remember, when you are having a hard time, you are not alone. We are with you and we love you, and God is always with you and loves you even more.

You have a great destiny in Him, and we can't wait to see it.
You are 5 years old and a miracle to us. We thank God for you every day!


Caren said...

Ro and my Isaiah are almost the same age. So much of our family is autistic or somewhere on the spectrum, and I'm getting Isaiah tested in a couple of weeks. It's not easy, for the kids OR the parents. Thanks for sharing. I love that Rowan's come so far. I sent a necklace to my twin (she's got 2 autistic daughters) from Lora's shop, so I've known at least part of your story and have been praying for you. Blessings more and more for you and your family - Caren

I am THAT lady said...

We love you Rowan and are so proud of you! We have all seen the progress! Nothing like hearing him say "I love you mommy" out of the blue! Something we have prayed for for a long time...

bekahgreutman said...

We love our ro-ble mc-toble!!

Lora said...

such a sweet letter, jenn. rowan is so blessed to have you as his mommy! :)