Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shirr thing.

I just learned to 'shirr'. If you dont know what this is, it's this:

I was inspired by this post here about making your own skirt out a man's XL tshirt: (thanks Danni!)

How cute are those skirts?!! After I saw all of them lined up, I immediately went to the thrift store and bought two of the biggest tshirts I could find.  When I failed my first attempt ( didnt measure right!), I decided to just cut my skirt out of a sheet I'd bought at Goodwill a while ago, to see if I could get it right. And...ta-da!

My very first shirred maxi skirt. I'm in love. You can expect to see more pictures of more skirts on here soon. Don't you love that orange paisley? I didn't think I'd even wear this skirt, as it was just my 'try it out' project, but I'm so pleased that I'm wearing it today! And it is the most comfortable skirt I've worn in a long time.  And no, I'm not pregnant but that first picture kinda makes me look it. I guess 4 babies in 5 years took a toll on my belly! Workin on it. :)

Here are a few of my next projects:
Elle's Striped Cardigan
Prudent Baby's Most Flattering Shirt (with Shirring! Hoorah!)
This Beachcomber Dress for Bell
Some of these cute little beauties for some of my favorite little girles
A few strands of this amazing garland for every single room in my house and maybe yours too.

See you later, if I can tear myself away from my sewing machine!


Lora said...

i love it! you're a babe. :)
i might get you to make me one of those. :)

Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

Really pretty!!!!

Jessa said...

I love it Jenn! And you look fantastic!!

Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

I used to make sundresses for you and your sisters like that when you were little. Just add ties at the shoulders. You could also take a big shirt and shir the waist area for a blousey blouse.