Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ribbons and cups, and a finished product.

I had a great birthday! Thank you all for the sweet words and comments! You are the best bloggeteers ever. :)

When  my little seester was visiting last week, we went to the thrift store, as is tradition anytime a Blakely visits. We are pro thrifters! Mind you, we don't just buy a bunch of junk, but when we spot awesomeness, there's no holding us back.

On that note, check out these cute goodies!
I love them. I know they're ridiculously retro but thats what I love about them.
Then, my sister-in-love, Ames, took me to Real Deals Dollar Store on Sunday because there were 'some ribbons' she wanted me to see. She claimed there were whole spools of sewing ribbon for just $1.00. Yeah right, Amy, that's too good to be true.  But I took a look anyway. And guess what I came home with?

Yep. A bazillion yards of ribbon for SIX DOLLARS TOTAL.    Amy, I could kiss you!

And lastly, I have a picture of my earring holder that I made but the quality is horrible. I'm sorry, I really need a good camera! But here ya go. And after you see this, you should all go make one and post about it here in the comments! I made this while hanging with Aimee from

Eew. Blurry. Oh well, you get the idea. Hey anyone wanna buy me an SLR camera? That would earn you a spot on my "Love you Forever" list.

Happy Humpday!


planettreasures said...

The earring holder is a great idea!
It's clear enough to see!
Hope you get your new camera wish!

Missus D said...

I just did something similar with my frame, great minds think alike. :-P

And good buys you have with the ribbon!

noreen said...

Hi Jenn, I found your blog link from your sister's blog From Snowflakes to Hotcakes and I came over to wish you a Happy Birthday!

What a fun and creative way to store your earrings!

jenn said...

Thanks, everyone!