Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space

Pardon the picture quality; I took that with my phone.  Last night, while watching Monk (Season 1, baby! Starting at the beginning again!)  with my hottie husband, I cut out a bunch of buttercup bags from the designer fabric that I freaked out about here

It is always SO hard for me to cut into designer fabric. Seems almost wrong.  But hopefully, these bags will turn out gorgeous and someone will come along who just has to have them.  Is it YOU?! :)

My almost-5 year old munchkin, Ro, has started visiting Ash's preschool so that he can get used to what a school environment looks like.  I was so apprehensive before he left. Wasn't sure if he'd pitch a fit the whole time, scream in the car the whole way, misbehave when he got there, etc. But guess what? He did GREAT. and he LOVED it. Success!!  I just can't believe he's old enough to be starting Kindergarten in the fall. We're also considering bringing gluten back into his diet, just to see if he still has a sensitivity to it. Nervous...

I haven't been that inspired to write on my blog, hense the explosion of pictures as of late. Hopefully soon I'll have the brain space to think of something witty and fun to write about. (The baby boy hasn't been sleeping much at night. Doens't he know that sleep deprived mommy is not a fun mommy?!!?! Probably not. And I dont think he cares. :) )In the meantime, I hope you check back often and enjoy whatever little thing I do post. Blessings!


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Pamela said...

Amazing material. You sound like me--like to keep my hands busy even when I'm doing something else.