Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day, blog folk. Hope you're doing something romantic with someone to celebrate this day. If not, then do something to love yourself!  This morning, I got valentined by Joel. Such a sweet sweet man.

 Beautiful flowers to gaze at for the next few days!  As I try to keep my kids from spilling it so they can play with the water (has already happened twice this morning, and it's only 9 AM.),  I will admire the gorgeous colors and sweet smells. God is such an amazing artist to give us all of these colors to look at.  I think he loves looking at beautiful things more than we do.  While I was lookin at these this morning, I was reminded of the beauty of God's created earth, and then I had a thought. (yeah that happens sometimes, even with my mommy brain!)  Not only did He make the flowers, the sunsets,  the snow-capped mountains, the oranged winged butterflies, the meadows and everything else that is beautiful on the earth, He made US, who He also calls beautiful. His bride!  I think He thinks we're even prettier than these flowers.  Ask any father who has a daughter and he'll tell you that she is the most beautiful child he's ever seen.  Pretty sure God thinks that about his sons and daughters too.

God, Joel, and my kids: I love ALL my Valentines!


affectioknit said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lora said...

very sweet post, jenn! :)