Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

I got my groove back. My sewing groove, that is.  Well, at least for a few days. I think it's gone again.  But while it was here for that short visit, I finished up 2 super cute bags for the shop! Both adorable blue designer fabric that is pretty much to die for. Or to drool over.
Buttercup Bag in fabric by Jennifer Paganelli
Medium Hobo bag in Floral Swirl Teal by Erin McNorris with removeable yoyo
So cute you can't even handle it, right?!  :)

I also listed a bunch of new fat quarter stacks...

In other news, sorry this post is so short but I have to go unload my fridge. And clean out all of the goo on every shelf. Because we are getting the new kitchen floor put in tomorrow!! HECK YES!! Have to move the fridge so why not clean it right?

And for those who were on the edge of their seat wondering how many things I crossed off my "to-do- list on Tuesday:
Laundry a.k.a.  Evil Arch Enemy
Finish sewing a bag
clean the stove
Fill out health insurance application
scrub the bathtub
prepare dinner
keep children alive

WHAT? Yes that's right, I was productive and dang it feels good. :)  The tub can wait. Next bath day is 2 weeks from tomorrow.



Lora said...

love those bags!

TDM Wendy said...

Darling bags! I am going to do a big giveaway for mother's day. Do you want to offer one of those cute purses for it? Let me know!

jenn said...

@Lora thanks! @Wendy, looking forward to it!