Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Space and Celebrate the Boy

I have been a busy bee.
Sewing lots of pretty things for pregnant and just-had-babies mama friends, some of whom (who?) live afar.
Loving every minute of creating.
There is something about praying for someone while you create something for them to use. I love knowing that they will be touching and holding what I've touched and held and prayed over, even though they are halfway across the country. 
They'll probably see these but they don't know who 'they' are, so that's cool with me. And besides, this isn't even the half of it. So there. And I'm not explaining what they are, just in case they happen to guess that it's for them.  But I'll give you a hint, if you are wondering if it's you. Hint: You are beautiful! I guess that narrows it down to ALL OF MY FRIENDS. HA!
Some of the projects are from this here book, which I LOVE. Given to me by my beautiful friend Cory. I bet you never thought I'd use it, huh Cor?!
These are going to be softies for a few of my friends' littles. My first softies ever. Can you even believe that? I've been crafting for years and have never sewn a softie. Unless you count the dolphin I made in 7th grade home ec. Where is that, mom? I'd love to see it and laugh my head off.
In other news, do you ever wonder what to make for a little boy as a gift?? I know I've always had a hard time trying to find a good handmade gift to make.  Not only is it usually way more expensive to buy a toy at the store, but they usually end up either looking tacky or breaking, and let's face it.  A handmade gift means more. And in case you think  you aren't crafty enough to make a gift, I am here to happily break it to you: YOU ARE.  There are alot of crafts out there that anyone can do!  In the next few days, I'll be posting a list of easy, handmade gifts that anyone can do.  But in the meantime, for the more 'advanced' sewists,   "Celebrate the Boy" is going on over at MADE and Made by Rae.   Not tryin to blow your mind but two words. Abs Gorg.
 Head on over there for a ridiculous amount of inspiration.  And if you're not into makin stuff, check out all the people who make this stuff. Most of them have Etsy shops where you can BUY ridiculously cute things.

**And also don't forget to go over to Kootoyoo and check out all of the amazing bloggers who are posting their various creative spaces! **


Lora said...

you are so creative. :)
i was thanking God for you last night as i was sewing and remembering when you taught me how to sew. :) love you!

Sharon said...

The only softie I've ever made was also in 7th grade home ec, an ice cream cone. I just found it yesterday as we were packing for another move and the mice had completely destroyed it. :( Oh well, it was time to get rid of it anyway, I guess.

Looks like a fun book, I love what you've made.

affectioknit said...

Super cute little onsies!

Chris & Joanna said...

i can't wait for your post on craft ideas!! my husband bought me a sewing machine for christmas and i can't wait to make something..i know its feb! but i get a little overwelmed when trying to figure out what to make. I just bought some fabric to make a little blankie for my baby :)

Cory said...

I most certainly knew you'd use that book, crafty girl! Love you!