Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am a chronic list-maker. I make lists about what to put on which list.  This would be totally awesome except that I'm not very organized by nature. Wierd, right? A list maker who isn't very organized. So, it usually turns out that my lists don't make sense or aren't cohesive and I end up just throwing it away and writing one 'to-do' thing down for the day.  Why do I go through the list-making process anyway? It's cuz old habits die hard, and I think I'm hoping someday I'll actually make a good list.

Guess what? Today is that day. One could even call it "To-Do To-Day." Ha.

Here's my list:
Laundry a.k.a.  Evil Arch Enemy
Finish sewing a bag
clean the stove
Fill out health insurance application
scrub the bathtub
prepare dinner
keep children alive

Wanna know how many of those things I'll actually get done? Probably one, maybe two, if I can manage the last one, which I usually can.  But at least I have a LIST!

I think I said 'list' too many times. Doesn't sound like a word anymore.  But I digress.

I really appreciated all of your dinner ideas! I ended up making this recipe, which ended up looking like this (Not my photo but it looked just like it.)
And then, wait for iiiiiiiiit.

I baked.   From scratch. Ok, pick your jaw up off the floor now.  I made some scones that actually taste yummy and I may try it again someday. I dont know where all this motivation is coming from, but I'm pretty sure Joel is thrilled. And it only took 7.3 years!


Lauren G said...

I am a disorganized list maker too! And I do the same thing, they usually get thrown out with only 1 thing done. Maybe when our kids are older and all at school we will get something done :)

Love you and Joel bragged about how great your dinner was, so I want the recipe!

sim only plans said...

I am a disorganized list maker too! And I do the same thing,