Monday, July 25, 2011

Storytelling #4

4. What do you create with and why?

It's not secret that I have an obsession with fabric. My husband thinks I'm crazy, and when my friends walk in to my house and see my shelves loaded with the soft, cottony goodness, they are amazed that I can acquire so much. But ya see, here's the thing. It calls to me in the store.  Or in that cute little etsy shop where it's on clearance and it's just so dang cute and how could someone not buy it and what business does that seller have in even SELLING that gorgeousness?!

But I digress.

So, I use fabric. And lots of elastic, thread, buttons, etc. Lately, I've been crafting with other things as well, for decor purposes. Like hoops, as seen here, and picture frames, scrapbook paper (but not for scrapping. I'm not a scrapper, see.), etc. 

I use fabric because I see the most possibilities and quite frankly, it's the prettiest crafting item that exists! You can find a fabric with almost any print on it, and when I see it, I immediately think of a gazillion things to do with it. Curtains. Pillows, Shirts. Oh my!

Here's one of the bags that is up in my shop that I had so much fun making. I thought I'd show you what I mean by 'pretty fabric'. You can't even tell me that's not gorgeous!!
Reversible Diaper bag
Mmmm....writing this post has me thinking about sewing a new goody.....

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