Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Things I love Friday - 4th of July DIY Roundup

I am so proud to be an American. (Do you have the song in your head now? I do.)  But really, I am! I love that we live in this country. So many people complain about many things, but when I get in that mentality, I remind myself of how many freedoms we have here.   This weekend, I encourage you to make a list of reasons you are glad to be living in the States. What do you love about your country?

In the meantime, here are some amazing DIY ideas to help you celebrate your weekend in a more frugal way. Enjoy!

1.  Water bottle labels, banner letters and more from this super cute crafty blog!

2.   Red, white and blue chips and salsa. Must. Have. Now.

3.   Martha is at it again. I want to have these cute pompoms on my table all year round. Would be cute for Christmas too, eh?

4.   Cupcake toppers.  I would make cupcakes just to use these cute toppers. Actually, I would make cupcakes for any reason I can think of. But these toppers make it more fun!

5.   These would look so cute in the evening, after the sun is down and the fireworks are beginning. How pretty! And genius!

Happy fourth!!


Unorganized Woman said...

Dude! I'm coming to your house for the 4th!

Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

Love those can lanterns....the possibilities...