Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's hot.

So hot in fact, that I got alittle nauseous and had to lie down. I'm better now though, and we're heading over to the in-laws with some pizza, because who the heck wants to cook in this heat? Seriously. If you do, you're crazy and we might not really be friends. Because I'm not friends with crazies.  I'm serious kidding.

This is how I feel about the heat.
But when I realized it could be a lot worse...
Thanking God for my window AC unit and my huge fan.

Stay tuned for another post this evening...exciting news from Make Mine Blue! Here's a hint...
Come back tonite or tomorrow!


Lora said...

that first pic is so funny. :)
and i am anxiously awaiting to hear your shop news!

Notions of Grace said...

is this your "Make Mine Blue" item? Looking forward to hearing about the exciting news :)

jenn said...

@Notions of Grace, nope! That news is still to come. This week is full of great news!
@Lora :)