Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Hoop Wall Art with Fabric

Hi all! I'm priveleged enough to be hosted by Lauren at for a frugal, weekly DIY post! (PS This is not the exciting Etsy shop news I mentioned in this post. That news is still to come!) I was shocked and honored that she asked me to be her contributor and I'm looking forward to being forced to make something to show you every week.   I think you'll like all the projects I have in my head; they're all frugal and recyling/re-purposing projects.   Stuff you can do with things that you most likely have in your house already, or that you can find at your local thrift shop.

On that note, today's DIY is some gorgeous hoop wall art. Made with embroidery hoops, fabric scraps, scissors,  a pen, and....that's it. Ha! Easy peasey lemon squeezy!  So, let's get to it, yes?

First gather your supplies.
I got my hoops at a thrift store, which is clearly pretty old, judging by it's original price tag. Ben Franklins?! Does that still even exist?!
If you can't find hoops at your local thrift shop, you can print off a Joann's, Michaels or AC Moore coupon from their websites, and use that at their stores. You can usually get any regular priced item for at least 40% off. And get this; Joanns' takes ALL competitors coupons. Go get 'em.
Also, if you don't have fabric scraps, there are LOTS of things in your house that will work. Old pieces of clothing (I love repurposing clothes that my kids have grown out of that I loved!), cloth napkins, stained tablecloths that you can cut up, etc. Be creative and go dig!

I like pinking sheers because it helps the fabric not to fray, but plain scissors work just fine. Next step;
Loosen the little screw thingy at the top of your first embroidery hoop and remove the inside hoop. This is what we will use as a guide for the size of our first piece of fabric.

Next, I started with the smallest hoop and my smallest fabric scrap; some Amy Butler blue deliciousness.  Lay the fabric down with the back side facing up, and place the inside hoop on top.  (Notice the wrinkles. I do not enjoy ironing and make no qualms about it.)
 Trace around it, leaving about an inch all around.
Then, cut!
Grab the outer hoop and place it underneath your fabric and inner hoop, and gently and carefully shove it in, making sure that you have enough fabric sticking out to pull it taught once it's all in. Then, tighten up the screwy thingy to secure the fabric!
Trim off the remaining fabric,  and voila! New wall art!
I made three. And will proceed to make 194 more.
 Are you in love? I am. Have fun, and thanks for visiting! Come back next week for another DIY, or come back even sooner to see what other projects/news Make Mine Blue is up to. Keep calm and craft on, friends!


Lora said...

love it, jenn! i'm totally gonna do this. :)

Jess said...

You can even take it a step farther and spray paint the wooden loop to give it some extra color!

Thanks for the idea Jenn and Lauren!