Friday, July 8, 2011

Storytelling #3...and other things

1. Where do you live & how does it influence you?

 I started my little shop when we lived in Charlotte, and it was at the prompting of some very sweet friends who swore I could make money making little baby gifts. I lived in very close proximity with many young moms (like, on the same street), and we had at least one baby shower per month. I had a lot of opportunities to figure out what new moms needed, and since I was a new mom myself, I knew what they'd appreciate.  So, I started with very basic diaper totes, wipes cases, baby blankets and nursing covers. I loved it and I still do! 
Now, we live in central New York, on Lake Ontario, and my customer base has changed dramatically. Not as many young ladies having babies around here, so now my products are becoming more geared towards a larger audience. Purses, sewing supplies (mostly fabric). I think it's forced me to broaden my abilities and learn new skills, and I am loving it! I still do love to sew the old goodies I used to make, but I feel like over the years I've gotten better at those and now have an idea of other things I could make and sell.  I buy all of my fabrics online, if I want the stuff that is super trendy.  If not, I go to Joanns. I get all my notions, etc there too. But I am a mega sucker for Etsy shops. Especially the ones that sell designer fabric...Actually...I'm obsessed. Shh.
I do have some nieces and nephews living in the same town as me, and several close friends who have little ones, so even though I haven't been sewing much for the shop, I have REALLY been enjoying making gifts. You've seen in my previous posts that I have been working on clothing. I hope to get really good at that soon, so that people won't be able to tell I'm wearing 'handmade', although don't get me wrong! Ain't nothing wrong with handmade. I love me some handmade. 
Again, probably too much. You'd be surprised at how much time I waste browsing Etsy. It's worth it though! I love supporting others who love to work with their hands. 
I think making gifts is what inspires me to sit at my machine. Knowing that I'm making something for someone gives me such joy; and even more so when I know that I may see them using/wearing it. I dont know why. I guess I'm proud of myself. :)

In other news, I just returned from from a surprise getaway that my hubby and good friend Ry have been planning! Ry surprised his wife as well; and we had a blast. We've been very close with this couple for over 10 years, and haven't had time alone with them in years, to just relax! It was glorious. We each had our little babies with us, but that was NOTHING. So peaceful! We kept saying 'It is so quiet, we aren't doing anything at all, and we are not bored in the least!'. Boredom wasn't even in our vocabulary, right Sooz?  We all slept in, ate out for almost every meal, Sooz and I went shopping (which was AH-mazing.), and ate some more. Played Settlers of Catan and laughed our heads off.  I so love my friends, and I love my husband for giving that gift to me. He knows how to make my little heart happy. :)
Here's a photo of my dearest friend at the beginning of our getaway, where we stopped at the beach for lunch and ice cream at a lakeside restaurant on our way out of town:
 And here are our beautiful friends at dinner at the pizza was so yummy!

Have a glorious weekend! We are going to spend it with these good friends and all of our kids, and then on Sunday, Ry is preaching and leading worship at church!  And PS, if you haven't heard his music yet, go to his website and give him a will NOT regret it.


Lora said...

so glad you got to have that special getaway! and i really love that photo of susanna. beautiful!

susanna internicola said...

You bet Jenn! Great post! Love ya!!

susanna internicola said...

You bet Jenn! Loved every minute!!!