Monday, October 10, 2011

Dream Interiors: Kids Room Inspiration

I thought this was funny. A bit over the line maybe, but still gave me a chuckle!
Moving right along.

So, as I told you last week, we moved the 3 big kids all into the same room. It just seemed wrong to have one kid in that huge master bedroom upstairs. (Huge, meaning, probably about the size of most people's smallest bedroom. But thats what ya get when you live in a teeny colonial cottage!). 
But, I digress.
The 3 beds fit great in there.  However, as many of you know, I cannot go very long between colors of rooms. Right now, it is the color I painted it almost 2 years ago: Avacado green.  So, I'll soon be repainting that bedroom. And I already have the paint. A very cool grey, almost white.
I've been leaning towards cooler colors lately, and away from the warm earthy tones I used to love. Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos I've found while searching the Interwebs.

As you can see, I also lean towards vintage. This last picture is almost the exact wall color that I just painted Haven's room, and I plan on decorating with a little bit of that olive green there on the bed.
I'll make sure and show you the before/after shots of the kids rooms because, well, this is a crafty blog so how could I not?!
Since we're moving the kids all upstairs, I will also be able to have an office/craft room/guest room. So, you'll be seeing photos of that too!
PS almost all of these photos are on my 'Youngin's' board on my Pinterest. Come follow me!



susanna said...

awesome!! super cute inspirations!!

Lora said...

can't wait to see the before and after photos!